Thursday, September 08, 2005

Tommy Texino: Hurricane

Saint Augustine, FL is the oldest continually occupied, by European Invaders and their African "Guests", settlement in the United States. Of course, people could fight about that statement; they fight about lesser things all the time. And what do I know anyway?
After all, I am just a man who makes water follow its natural physical tendencies in a big canal. That is very like flushing a toilet.

Now the hurricane don't like to leave warm water so you will find that, over time, he be hitting the shores where the warm waters of the gulf stream flows close by. First be remembering that The Gulf of Mexico is the Gulf Stream contained, so a hurricane can get in there and cause big trouble for the contiguous states that abound that mighty sort of sea.

The Hurricane doesn't have a history of banging down the ancient city of Saint Augustine too often. The why is because the Gulf Stream is floating about 60 miles off shore and that provides a decent barrier, UNLESS a hurricane happens to start up inside that barrier, which is what seems to be happening with TS Ophiela and since Saint Augustine has its very own Nunnery I fear that if this Ophelia heeds Hamlet's advice then Old Saint Augustine May well end up a glassy lake rippling to the epitaph, Sic Transit Gloria Mundi.