Wednesday, August 04, 2010

The Hangman

A Cold Christmas season finds me lurking outside Danny's Pawn in the early darkness. Danny's is shut tight against those who would loot the riches Danny tickets for cash from the little barred cave in the back. That stuff, the valuables of an losing life-cycle is too grown up for me. What has drawn me close the back lit show windows are the guitars. Like an incredible riot of outlaws, fat electrics are hung by their necks before committing a singe note of rock and roll. From stands on the floor, silent flat tops seem to look on with smug approval. That's how I remember the scene 50 years gone, but I could not have seen it that way. I must have wanted something, but now I just hold the vision and see my self in a place that is blurred about the edges of the mind's eye.
Hold on to those pictures, if you have them, cause you may need them when you go.

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Turn it off

Hi it is Texino. I have been an Internet supporter for quite some time now and I have enjoyed my time here a lot. Well, I used to like flea markets and junk stores too, but now the markets just sell cheap tools, and the stuff in junk stores is all of my own generation, so I don't go there any more. Same thing with the Internet. Sure you can still find cool pictures and interesting information, but to the greater extent, not only has it become a depository to bad pornography and dubious ploys to get your money, but it has given way to all manner of nutty conspiracy theories which far too many people are buying. I know this because I get a kick out of reading this BS and I have to go to the doctors a lot. The doctors office and the x-ray department waiting rooms are great places to pick up on what the average dunce thinks is going on and it's not pretty. The problem comes from the inability of most users to verify information and instead, they just take whatever nonsense that comes attached to their email as fact. It is this sort of skulduggery that has given us The Birthers, and Tea Party folks, as well as any number of hateful "facts" regarding foreigners. It gets worse, but rather than detail it all here, I'll just post my remedy to save the country if not the world: Turn off the internet. We will survive.