Monday, September 02, 2013

When I ruled the world

My name is Tommy and come the end of the fiscal year,September 30 2013, I will be 66 years old, so you see, I have had a goodly number of years to exert my rule.  In fact, the time of my reign was brief and anyone who did not notice is certainly excused and I bear them no ill will for their ignorance.  OK? Fine.

Now please do not misunderstand me, and think me mad or too full of myself to take me as a pal.  No, I'm not that way at all. What is going on here is a recollection of points in time when I held various bunches of regular folk in my thrall or sway by playing the proper notes or singing the right song. In other words; the times when I could say no wrong. As I said, my reign was a short one-sometimes lasting less than a minute-but I must say, there is nothing to compare with that feeling that rides along that route.

What's more when the good times roll and you are a member of a skilled band, the pride you feel is truly sinful.

I am writing this out because there is no hiding the fact that age is coming to sit in and has pulled off a bloodless coup which pretty much guarantees I will never rule the world again.

Too bad for me, right?  Not really. I've always enjoyed the saying "Once and future king" Which may or may not be of The Bard.

Anyway, it is a prisoner's duty to attempt escape...

Be well.