Saturday, July 28, 2007

Ms. Moon

Today is the birthday of my friend and loyal commenter "Ms. Moon" a grown woman in some respects,  yet immortal in others.  I'll talk about the others.
You see that picture of the mermaid?  Well the mermaid is an immortal and it is no accident that it is also Ms Moon's Totem, Tiki, Trademark or Familiar.  Take your choice for they all work the same in the light of The Goddess who has decided to shine on M.M.  No, she did not choose, she was chosen and being chosen does not necessarily guarantee you an easy swim.  No it does not promise that at all. 

 I picture M.M. as her Mer Maid, larking about under the sea in weightless abandon; flicking here floating there just inspecting a universe of pretty this and lovely that. It is what she does.  She also makes golden sprays  and spirals with a twirl of her finger, or with a wave of her hand, a rainbow wake trails her path and it settles  so slowly that you can trace it far back in time.  Far a way as one would go.
 A fair sight, but a dream that must end because, on the surface of the world, where it is drier only by degrees of humid air, people are floundering.  You see, babies have lost their small oceans and need help navigating the sudden shallows. Young people are trying to gain on the knowledge that is always a step away while older ones need to stop running and learn from what they have.  Someone has to be there. Not only there but deeper. Down into the ditch that runs in parallel to the life road; a dark place where you can only sense the need and reach blindly in hope that something worth saving will take your helping hand, even if that something reflects as your own eyes. 

 Yes, someone must be there to see that those struggles pass and through great fortune someone always is.

Not much rest for the immortal mermaid is there?  Good reason to hate a day that just keeps coming back.  You can take a break, but sooner or later they'll be at it again and again...
Honored to know you Ms. Moon.


Friday, July 27, 2007

Animals on the job.

Howdy, T. Texino here with another episode of "Animals on The Job" the exciting series where we discuss the contributions to society made by your common place everyday animal on the street.  Today's subject?  The Sentinel Chicken!
Now a chicken ain't nothing but a bird and birds have been used for sentinel duty for many years.  You have sentinel canaries  in the deep coal mines, birds who would alert the miners to the presence of invisible and deadly levels of CO2 or other gasses by falling off of there perches.  I'm not totally sure these lovely songsters perished  or if they could be revived.  I do know, however, many human lives were spared and since canaries cant dig coal, the trade off was a plus for mankind and any other animals who had the benefit of a warm and bright place to weather the elements.  Then we have sentinel geese.  These boisterous flocks were turned out at night to alert the small hamlet or farm if a stranger might appear i.e. a chicken thief.  That gray honker, the barnyard goose, is perfect for the job while a duck would be too small and your Canadian Goose proper don't march around in flocks or have the reputation for meanness necessary for this gig.  I've heard that swans can be right nasty too, but I think a slick crook could tie the bunch up by the neck and effectively put them out of commission.  So the Sentinel Chicken?  Well her job is unique in that she just hangs about waiting for a skeeter to bite.  That's it and she doesn't have to kick up a ruckus about it either.  Nope, she just goes n about her business of scratching and pecking, laying and even brooding.  Then every so often a person will come along and take a blood sample and they check that out for signs of various insect born disease.  Like what? Well, West Nile Virus and St. Louis Encephalitis and Western Equine Encephalitis are three big time diseases that can lay humans down and if the chickens are bitten by mosquito carriers their blood will show anti bodies and that will cause the local health department to take action.  Such as?  OK, they might step up mosquito control and maybe get some airplane spraying going, that sort of thing.  And the chickens?  The sentinel chickens are an important part of disease prevention and control and as such are treated very well.  They are happy hens hardly ever harvested for the human hearth.  Sentinel chickens!  Animals on the job salutes you and hopes that you fare well.   


Thursday, July 26, 2007

What the Hell is this? Porcupine attack?

Everything is gonzo! Porcupines are on the march!   I figure a porky and a beaver to be similar animals.  Look at the pictures please. So I have hired a platoon of the latter to make a stand.  Now why would I be concerned about some pesky rodents in the neighborhood when I have bears, Zombies, a boogeyman, a big foot and some failed Scottish cannibals in my corner?  Well, like many other countries, Panama goes on vacation around this time of year.  Infrastructure must be maintained, so they have a skeleton-crew on the canal and everyone else takes off for New Orleans.  Well I don't and it's a good thing too, because no sooner had the last bus left than I here the unmistakable scratching of hundreds maybe thousands of porky coming down the road and heading, as always, for the "colon free zone"!  Now I can't say much about the free zone except colon free does not mean no colons.  It's just a huge free port shopping area and right now when it's closed, like everything else is, it is flat irresistible to porcupine. Don't know what they want, don't want to find out!  So we got the beavers and the porky gang.  Well, as everyone knows even though science has denied it for ever, is this; a porcupine CAN and WILL shoot his quills.  It's the female or "Sissy" who cannot do this.  The male or "Bard" can.  It is the only way to tell them apart.  Why worry about this in battle? Couple of reasons.   A Sis can reload a Bard and when she does and is temporarily without quills, that is when they have sex.  So the old joke about porcupines having sex "very carefully" is just a joke.  What happens is this: A Bard is out of ammo so he finds a Sis with ripe quills (a sign of sexual maturity) He stands up on his hind legs and she stets her quills an angle.  When Sis is ready she makes a sound that goes "ah ah ah ah ah ah-toc toc  (and then a whistle)"  The Bard will then settle back on her quill rack and squirm around like a dog scratching its back in order to get a good set and compression for powerful shots.  Once he is satisfied with the set he will give a couple of sharp barks and the Sis will release her quills all at once.  Then they "do it" and the Sis goes on home, grows new quills and, in about eight weeks, has three babies.   Two females one male.  Porcupines are pretty hard to fight without the right personnel.  I'd say if you got a good seasoned platoon of skeletons backed up by about 100 solid beaver from up north, you are good to go.  Get your skellys out front and the Bards will start slinging quill.  Of course that won't bug a skeleton and if a Bard can't reload he'll go rolly polly and that's when you got him.  Your Skells just need to bowl the curled up Bards back toward their own lines and leave it to the beavers to send them flying with  good swat of the tail.  Beavers are also good at catching a load of quill with their tails and firing them right back.  If their timing is right they will catch a Bard and a Sis in a pre-coital reload and that really puts a monkey wrench to it.  Do that enough and the porkys will go home and stay for a good spell.  Damn good those Beavers.  Well I got the beaver and the skeleton crew from the canal, so I'm not worried.    This is not the first time I've saved this country and probably wont be the last.


Saturday, July 21, 2007

Be Seeing you, maybe.

Hi it's Texino and I am in possession of some news.  It you seem that through the same hereditary aspects which make me attractive to all the sexes as well as an artist nonpareil, I have contracted yet another bizarre disease which would sideline me, this time by robbing me of my sight.  Oddly, I had a vision of this many years ago, while riding a city bus.  I noticed a sign which showed a man in a burglar's outfit and read that the disease Glaucoma can steal your sight, like "a thief in the night"  For those who do not know, a burglar wears a horizontal striped jersey with long sleeves, corresponding black trousers, a workman's cap, crepe souled shoes and a little goggle-like mask around his eyes.  This may be why he moves about at night. At any rate, when I saw that advertisement, my mind said "That's for me."  Now, so many years later, it has come to pass.  Of course time has not stood still and clever science may have just the trick for this particular sort of Glaucoma.  Sadly, treatment is not free of charge, but it is one of those things where I might have insurance for fixing it.  We will see.  (suddenly, things which were not puns are puns; must be a word for that. Note to self: If  not, make one up) So the thing is, if I do happen to lose my vision, it's not like I have not spent time preparing for the possibility.  One good thing is this; quite a few blind people work as musicians and since I am still one of those albeit half-assed at the moment, I could probably get a gig singing the blues. (If you want to hear me do that then go here, and choose "red rooster" from the available titles) I even have an animal pal who can act as my guide and I have made up a funny joke about that to put my audience at ease with my handicap.  Here is how it goes.  I come on stage with my dog and introduce him and then make a comment about how the German Shepard is the greatest of guide dogs and so on.  Now what makes this funny is that my dog, Cosmo, is a great big yellow French Poodle.  So you see the audience would think that I think I have this big macho dog and I don't know that I have a giant poodle because I'm blind!  See, I like to think ahead, just incase.  Of course I am really  concerned about this issue, but it's better that I put on a brave face.  Being blind would be terrible if only because Icaa f foucj yod <––––– that's supposed to say "I can't touch type."  In fact, I have a hard time typing at all because I cannot always remember where the letters are, even though they are right in front of me.  It has something to do with another disease and is one of the reasons I am disabled.  I don't want people to feel too sorry for me though because #1 I feel sorry enough for myself and #2, I'm pretty certain I am getting what's coming to me because I have done some terrible things in my life.  Please note, however, that I said "too" sorry and that means it is OK with me if people want to hug me and tell me I'm getting a bad break.  It would be especially convenient if someone, perhaps a woman with her own money, would feel a duty to take me on as a project.  I mean you hear about this sort of thing all the time where somebody takes up with a convicted murderer over at the The Pen.  Texino is nothing like that!  Now, before you get all indignant and say "Hey what about Mrs. Texino?" I suggest you refer to item #2 above.  Well, that's my news.  Sometimes I forget that my blog is called damed lies, but that is supposed to represent the futile nature of the internet.
Ok, I have come up with a word to describe an etiological shift––like when words suddenly become puns.  The word is "Circumfraction "  Look it up in the dictionary.  You won't find it.
So, how do I get away with that?  Simple, I have a poetic license.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Comp -101 (as in negative)

 I  have to write and I tend to let an idea go where it leads me, rather than track its source and build a solid piece from there. (the proper method)   Chasing something that way can cause you to stumble into all sorts of ambuscade but, if you are able to write your way out of a trap at the same pace you wrote yourself in to it, therein lies a certain groove that feels good.   Basically I am saying modify your subject on the fly if you have to, but see if you can end up in tune with the idea that first got your attention. It is a risky but jazzy style of creative writing.  When it works it's cool and when it doesn't?  Well you lose the power and dimension of the whole thing and it will read like the over dub of a Godzilla film.  You may have noticed.


Thursday, July 19, 2007

Lets all or at least two Dance

OK! What's going on here?  Looks like some Cats, Chicks, Guys, Dolls, Sweet Poppas and Big Mammas, Brown Sugar and White Bread action is sweeping the Blog like a mighty wind.  Well, will the wind be so mighty as to lay low my bad attitude dude? No, it will not be quite so mighty as all that. Still these pictures are begging for comment gent, so let's jam it Janet.

Now in the opinion of this Texino, which is what matters, couple number one is the big winner, although "Mr Twister" might get to be Mr. Lucky providing he don't get skewed by those "points" the lady in the red skirt aiming his way.  You know whenever I see a woman done up in the manner of that foxy brunette  I got to wonder, #1 what she looks like all wet and #2 if those two are going to make out, it must be one of those situations where the lady has to go "slip into something more comfortable" if they are going to get serious.  I mean take couple #1.  Hell those two people could  be having some kind of sex right there, while couple #2, well it almost looks as though that guy is using his partner as a weapon in some bizarre martial art.  I even have a name for it, but I can't use it on the air because it's dirty.  You might be saying "the hell you say Texino-you talk dirty all the time!"  Well, that is true.  Still, I might need help from some women one day and in a scientific poll done by the folks at El mas excelente de la farmacologia (desde 1903!) just about 99% or more women really hate this word and would never use it unless, well you know how sometimes people might say something in the heat of a moment and then at some other time tell you how much they hate that word? Well if you do, then you know it would be impolitic to remind the person that they sure didn't have any trouble with some word and hollering out a bunch of nutty instructions while, well in the heat of a moment.  OK? Fine.  Still it does look to me like that Jack snatched that Jill from some very large holster and is fending off a couple of G-men and doing a fine job keeping them at bey.  For all that, one of those Feds could pull a heater and sort of "cut in" if you follow me.  Why do I feel those two acrobats in #2 are not just cutting the latest rug?  Look at those shoes
"suspenders" is sporting.  Heck, he's got crook written all over him.  That pic was shot back in '46 and I'd say that sport probably spent the war on the Left Bank, the old Reve Gauche.  I mean where else but France could a guy learn how to handle a woman like that.  Spain perhaps, but I think they were in the war. And France?  Well France was a bit short on men seeing that just about all of them were killed in the first war. Still another reason for that Jasper to be hanging lose in Gay Paris.  So the trophy does indeed belong with couple #1.  They are obviously having fun and the guy doesn't seem to care in the least that his date's got a few hundred lb on him.  You can bet it's a Saturday night too because back in those days all Black people ( at the time I don't think they actually had a name for themselves other than People) anyway those folks what happened to be black all had to work on Saturday.  That means Saturday night was the time to let it go.  It's right there in a zillion tunes written by and about colored people.  Not only is the Saturday night issue addressed , but more than a few tunes  address a fondness for Big Fat Women.  Can you imagine some white person making a song about such a thing? I can't and I can imagine just about anything that goes on in the world and figure out the reason it does.  Having that sort of imagination is not very pleasant and may explain why  I am often walking around with tears near.  So there.  I can have my Blog and show pictures off of people having fun and people who might think they are and still more people doing who knows what.  I heard a man from Harvard's University on the radio today and he was saying that when you read something that affects you in one way or another, you need to take a quick look at who says so.  What he was getting at was, is the writer an expert or someone with an agenda he or she needs to get out.  Now since I don't have an agenda then I guess you know where to come if you want the lowdown, dirty or otherwise.  What a joke that must seem until you realize I mean it.   

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Now we remembe bigger deaths of larger people than you.

Hi, it is Texino.  I don't write on the Bluegrass List much these days, because my stuff tends to get outside the small world which, after all, is necessary to maintain the purity of the genre.  What I am writing here is a bit like something I posted over there in response to folks talking about the long ago deaths of some great players and speculating about how it seems many greats in the guitar music world have met with death early on and , therefore, may not have reached full potential.  That guy over there for instance.  His name is Clarence White and he was known as the preeminent acoustic flat picker of his time until his life was cut short when he was hit by a car while unloading equipment outside a club.  I was a fan of Clarence White and I remember that I was playing a club in Newport, R.I. when this happened.  As a point of interest, I had been a little cross because White had recently joined up with the Byrds or The Flying Burrito Brothers, one, and in doing that, not only had he taken up the Electric Guitar, but also made some changes to the instrument allowing it to pedal its strings like a steel guitar and do it by yanking on the strap.  In retrospect it seems the boy was getting about as far away from acoustic flat picking as a man could get, leaving one to wonder would he have been remembered for that particular talent at all, had he lived.  Well he died before most of the people outside that immediate circle realized what he was up to, so each year the list bemoans his loss.  Now as much as I would, and to some extent do, love to push the buttons to point out some kind of cosmic governing device may be keeping the talent pool level by whacking the random guitar genius just as he or she seems to be making the grade.  I really have to hold the hand of logic as I go, and this helps me to see how, in a lot of cases, lifestyle choices have led these folks into some reckless behavior, the sort of which kills lots of young people every year music prodigy or not.  Also, some people who seem amazingly adept at one thing may be slap dog crazy in all other aspects of life; those people just do not stay around too long at all.  Then and maybe most overlooked there is the fact that quite a few of these wondrous talents have survived and, reaching a level of un paralleled virtuosity, seem to grow introspective and then become able to teach or at least imply the fact that the bar has risen and then watch as a whole new crop comes up.  Farm that funky talent as it were.  Of course, and this is the fun part, logic does not always carry the whole day.  So in the twilight we can celebrate the lives of our beloved players; even watch them on Youtube and get as close to knowing them as you could have in their day, and while we will never cheat nor totally confound death, I think it's OK to  tweak his nose a bit, though for safety's sake an assumed name is advised.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Little Deaths

Yes, that's a Zombie.  His name is Andrew Wythe Obi and he lives in the Texino Compound in the Jungle portion of Panama.  Andrew was dead but he was reanimated by secret jungle Ju Ju and other stuff you wouldn't understand because, if you did, you would probably have  one or two Zombies of your own.
Anyway Andrew is just here to illustrate one aftermath of big death.  I want to talk about little deaths and how can sort of zombie your way around them.
OK.  Lets start with your head. (I bet you wish I'd get those eyes off the page)
Anyway your eyes are subject to small death and if you are over forty years of age, your eyes are probably dead enough that you have zombified them with some sort of seeing device.  I use eye glasses my self.  Your innate desire for drum music (we all have it) has more than likely been killing off your ears.  My advice  is do not succumb to the hearing aid device.  No, instead you may have to learn some hearing Ju Ju.  I say check with a harmless Yogi or one of those less is more doctors.  While most of what they say is BS, they may put you in enough of a Ju Ju state where you will keep your ears longer.  You may pray to the Saint Babalu Aye for help as well.  Just stay away from the hearing aid folks.  They are criminals with absolutely no Zombie points in their empty Karmic carpet bags.  Ok, now is your hair.  If it's color is becoming drab, you may paint it or, if you got a tad of Ju Ju in your bag just think it back to life.  That's what I do.  I may be white in my beard but that's a wisdom thing, my head hair is really still pretty dark and certainly baffles hair professionals who don't follow the Ju Ju way.  Skin death.  Boy that's hard to fight but if you have  decent hide, you should be able to keep it going, just lay off the soap unless you got some soap magic going.  Now many people are bothered by these small deaths of the mind.  All I can say there is that your brain is very big and certainly large enough for several full personalities to hold sway.  So if you start to loose a  bit of sense or talent you can try to borrow from one of your resting personalities.  These folks can be extremely nice and generous but getting their attention is difficult for most people who do not subscribe to heavy Voo doo and Sanataria.  All I can safely suggest is to try to dream yourself into a better state of mind and hope that your waking body can cop some lost talents from the alter personalities who people your dream scape.  It's possible to do this just don't expect too much at once and for God sake keep it to your self.  Speaking of God, I think it is best to think of that whole ideal as a kind of portal where you can get your mind in a state of readiness to hook up with this other stuff I'm on about.  I hope you get that, so you don't go wasting time doing the Jesus wave and all that Christian BS that's so big with the politicians right now.  You may notice that these fundamentalist are losing ground big time.  They are just a bunch of whacked out white people and should be deeply discounted at every opportunity.  Well there you have a start on Texino's dealings with the little deaths that can plague you into bigger trouble.  I'm not saying that this stuff will make you a success, but it may keep you vital longer and allow you to enjoy what you may be lucky enough to have going for you, like family, money, friends or a home. That stuff can be of true and lasting value to you and yours, and it is not some bogus code word like "Family Values" which translates to fat white people getting away with all manner of activity of no real value what so ever.  Me?  Well I just put the stuff out for your benefit.  I'll be lucky to end up like Andrew just sitting on a bench undead but not truly alive. Someone gives those Zombies simple work.  They do it and then go sit down.  Zombies will last a good long time if you maintain them.  Those ones you see depicted in films mostly work for Greek freight forwarders and those Greeks just don't keep their shit in order.  That's where you get your idea of Zombies in torn clothes and all stinking rotten.  It is just a matter of maintaining things like you would any sort of fleet.  My Z's hang out forever and aside from that thing with the eyes and a very limited vocal skills, they are no bother.  If you ever decide to do the Zombie thing, remember these people add a new meaning to the term dead or alive, so it's best you keep them from some place where they might run in to family or friends.  I mean, you want Zombies in Delaware, get them in Cape Verde or some place like that.  It's the way it's done and you don't mess with success.   OK? Fine.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Trout fishing in Watermelon Sugar

It's possible that that man in the picture may have had something to do with why "Fly Fishing" is so damn popular.
Damn his eyes.  I hate fly fishing.  That man in the picture is Richard Brautigan. He became a popular writer and poet in the San Francisco bay area back in 1968 when it was much cooler to be a musician and  not a very good musician at that.
The Bay Area was full of awful music.  I know. I was there.  Conversely, it was full of good poets and writers, but that Brautigan guy was really more of the "Art Community" that held people like Grace Slick and Janis Joplin in high regard, while somehow guys like Ferlenghetti and Keroac were held at bey, so to speak.  I don't know why,  but it was so. At the time, Richard had two popular books with story lines and a popular book of poetry.
His books were called "In Watermelon Sugar" and "Trout Fishing in America."  The poetry book was called "The Pill vs. The Spring Hill Mining Disaster."  "Trout fishing in America"
was a pretty clever book, although it did borrow heavily n the work of Nelson Algren. The Watermelon book was silly hippy stuff, just like a lot of the music of the area and I don't think the poetry held up very well.  In fact the title poem of the work is just an observation about how when a particular woman takes here birth control pill it reminds Richard of a mining disaster because of the life lost.  Well I am not real sure that Richard had his anatomy and pharmacology straight because I just don't think birth control pills work like cave-ins or methane explosions.  A better analogy might be taking a pill would be more like one of those huge weddings put on my The Rev. Moon and having all the brides not show up, but hey I'm not the poet on trial here.  Anyway, Richard was also in the Rolling Stone back when it was a pretty local news print job and in his by-line photo he wore a worse looking hat than the one in the picture.  Let's talk about the picture, OK? Fine.  First, I think that is Columbus Circle in San Francisco.  People in that city take Columbus Day very seriously, which to me at least, is odd as the Admiral of the Ocean Sea never visited.  In fact he came ashore pretty close to where I write this blog and aside from archeologists and such digging here and there, you would not know much about it.  There are however, quite a number of Italians in the area and that must have something to do with it.  Another thing in that picture is the woman.  Now I always wondered if she was the "Pill girl" and back in the day it was harder to imagine because not being, at the time, the considerer of women that I have become, I found that girl to be rather homely.  Oh well, I was very young.
And now the fly fishing riff.  Brautigan knew far more on the subject of trout fishing than he did about most anything else he wrote and everyone knows you got to be an ace fly caster to catch trout. In fact fly casting has spread to all areas of fishing, even sailfish and that sort of thing.  Still fresh running water for trout and broad shallow saltwater flats for bone fish make for the pinnacle of the sport.  They do fly fish for giant Tarpon too.  When it all comes down to wanting a fish however, there are quick and dirty ways of getting any of those species.  I'm not going to tell you how.  I just want to point out for all his popularity; for a while he was better known than Keroac.  Richard seemed to loose his spin and after having a conversation on 9/14/84 he was found dead by a private eye about a month later.  He had shot himself in the head. Keroac, who died in 1969 had by that time become very popular.  Of Brautigan's work poet Ferlengthetti said he had been waiting for "Richard's writing to grow up"  You know this writing business can do a person in.  Sometimes I feel "in"  You?  Well, if you want to know about "in" write something serious or make up some music and let it out.  It's the only way.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

A gift

Hi, it's the blog boy.   I don't think that people like me very much. 
I have felt that way for a very long time and even when people have seemed to think I was worth their time, I figured they would catch on to me soon enough.  How come I feel that way? I can't really tell you.  Well now someone, two, actually have done something so incredibly nice that I am at a loss.  See that wood over there?  It's my mandolin. It's not finished of course but it is more complete than it seems.  The top part, on the left, has been cut from a very nice piece of spruce.  It started out quite a bit thicker than it is right now, but in the process it has been carved with all manner of skill by just one man with a few sharp tools wielded with such incredible ability.  He could be called "Mr Chisel Hands" and here's why.  He is carving the top of the mandolin with such skill that it already has music in it.  Thats right, you can pick up that wood and strike it like a drum and a note will sound a woody baritone.  The top is done but it still has some ornamental scroll work to be finished and some holes will be cut to let the sound out of the mixing box.  Now that box is to be made, as is the neck from that striped maple you can see.  The sides and back are cut and the neck will be shaped from the hefty club in front.  OK.  The skill of the construction cannot be minimized. Mr. Chisel Hands cannot make a mistake and he just won't because he is an artist and he knows when the time is right to work.  Now I said two people the other person is Ms. Sharp eyes and she searches out the very best of the wood and then in consultation with the builder she gets it, and all the other parts which are needed to make the instrument go.  Now back to the mandolin.  There is absolutely not a better collection of tone woods available; there are precious few people in the world who are able to give "life" to such a combination of  dormant organics.  My builder is one.  
Now, why me? I was never a great player and I've lost nearly all my skills to illness.  The single builder shop of Williamson Mandolins could easily make my order out of some very fine tone woods and it would be a lively instrument indeed.  But no. Ms. sharp eyes of impeccable taste and Mr. Chisel hands of supernatural skill are pouring the true gold into this instrument because, well because they are my friends and they are not the kind who forget the bond that forges these feelings.  There are few people like that these days.  I am fortunately blessed, and for once in my life, I have no doubt that someone really does hold me in regard.  Years ago an actress was so overcome by an award that she said "You really like me!"  People made fun of her naiveté.  Not me; I know exactly how she felt. 

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Upping the ante-bellum

Hi,  Texino here with a word on animal safety.  To help me illustrate some do's and don'ts, I have placed a picture up in the left hand corner and I want you to study it by closing your eyes and then opening them for a few seconds.  Now close them again quickly and think about what you saw.  I hope that you noticed that a bear has somehow insinuated itself into a group of guys who seem to be sharing a little quality time with a dog and a cat.  What's even more frightening is that the bruin is wearing a muzzle and the gent standing next to him is fixing to take it off.  What do you think might happen next?  Oh hell, I can't fool you. That's just some sort of allegory about former Negro Slaves testing their status as citizens of the United States of America.  That or else the guy in the foreground is fixing to get the nickname "Lefty."  Now now, I know that it's dangerous to talk about the group of people who are the descendants of those men in the picture.  Shouldn't be but it is, and that is leading us into a possible horrific situation come the next Presidential Election.  What I am about here is the fact that the Democratic Political Party is considering running a fellow for the office of President who although he seems to be eminently qualified and not the least bit of a criminal, or insane binge drinker is, and I'm not making this up, a "Nigger." Now Shut up!  I don't give a damn how terrible and hurtful that word may be.  It is how an "African American" is perceived by the men in power throughout a huge portion of the USA.  Now say; "Texino, you are a racist and full of shit." say "Those days are gone and blah blah"  Well, I'm terribly sorry but outside of maybe N. California, the country is run by an "Old Boy Network" who are steeped in the principal of keeping Black People down.  Why would they do that? It allows them to control the  ignorant white people, the salt of the earth who season them so they can remain palatable in the power structure.  Maybe you don't remember the real 60's.  There was very little love. (all that stuff came later in the 70s)  No the 60s were  time when the US Federal Government finally tried to free the slaves.  What did they get?  Well they broke down some  barriers but at a tremendous cost; A President, possibly The Next President and the greatest leader the Blacks had.  Do you think that those days are history?  They are not.
The South may have some leaders who are black, but the majority are still poor and still intimidated and tossed off as "an undisciplined minority with an unrealistic sense of entitlement."  The leaders who were sacrificed for the cause?  JFK? revisionists have gutted him, RFK? same same. MLK? A man who should be respected on par with Ghandi.  Hell, they can't even honor him suitably.  I'll wager that nutty old Ronald Reagan is more respected than Dr. King.  Why?  Because this country stinks of a system that is rotten beyond the core and  its people must awake to the fact of the matter and rip out the corruption and rebuild the whole concept.  As it stands now, too few have too much, but an uncomfortably large amount of idiots have enough and that doesn't bode well for a revolution or a Black President.  Someone would kill the poor man on the mistaken premise that he would reinstitute "The Reconstruction."
You may think that this little bit has just been an excuse to use the naughty "N" Word.  Well you are wrong.  It makes me tearfully sad that Mr. Obama can't be our president.  I know that's not the best way to put it, but I've just used a really bad word and I am not happy about it.  I'm keeping it in here thought because it is truly the way Senator Obama will be discussed in some mighty high and terribly influential precincts where words like "Heritage" and "Glorious Cause" are  oaths as binding as anything sworn to in the (now) not so secret societies that exist in the power factories of The Ivy League.   Damn, wasn't all this stuff  supposed to be cleaned up by a "Hard Rain"   Are we rolling Bob?   Little help

Thursday, July 12, 2007

You're special. I'm different

Yes, that's right, I am different from you. I have been a cook, a car parker, a motorcycle gangster, soldier,mental patient, a widower, musician, fireman, coxswain, sea captain, fisherman, drug dealer, palm tree surgeon, poet, magazine columnist and ambulance driver. I have been bad, good, sick, well and I quit smoking.  You can read all about it, and more too.  That is, if I write  book.  I probably wont get around to it, so I may as well put up some parts of my story here.  Will they be damned lies?  Well yes and no.  (WTF you mean "yes and no" Texino?)  Well I mean my stories are true, but you can't know that   No, you'll just have to believe what I say or just read for the enjoyment of seeing someone admit to some major fuck ups.  OK? Fine, but first look at that chart.  It's a chart that shows how to play chords on the Hawaiian Ukulele.  You can put those shapes together in a cyclic progression and sing a well known song.  It seems the better known pieces use the fewest and more simplistic positions while a grand tune which may be familiar to you but not the sort of ditty you sing round the camp fire will necessitate the use of the more complex shapes and more of them played closer together.  That's an analogy I use for writing words for stories.  You got to keep it simple enough to be enjoyable but if you don't toss in a few complex thoughts, you will lose the readers you want.  Now that could be explained by using an analogy of fishing for the tastier types in the sea.  I guess everything is analogous.  It's like those chords. Each note relates to the other in some way some are pleasant and harmonious while others are complex and hard to take.  It's kind of like fish, some taste better than others and so on.  I'll be seeing you.