Saturday, April 28, 2007

Cool Elders, or Boomer Conspiracy

Hello, it's Texino. I have been writing about music in Kentucky long enough for it to seem like a felony rap, so I am coming home to blog a bit and see if anyone likes what I say; or hates it for that matter. I'm an egalitarian.

Like everyone else who spends time on the www, I have been offered a chance to see a video by "The Zimmers" ( ) reported to be a rock group of that geriatric generic, "Old People" singing "The Who's: hit "My Generation." The spin is that this highly touted film is going to unleash a flood of respect and lend new fond power to that expanding demographic. Personally, I see it as a bit of a scouting mission by my own generation in aid of getting an idea how they can glam up things a little while they still hold the power. There is no argument to forestall this matter of aging Baby Boomers approaching the gate, and the "We are The World" production values of the Zimmers video, occasionally interspersed with clips from a serious documentary on the sad state of Elder Affairs suggest, to me, that the folks behind this are digging in for the funding and subsequent political action needed to keep the babies booming. If this cause is valid, I hope enough of it's effect trickles down to the Elders who are in need now. "Now" is the operative because, "Soon" or "Later" are not options.

The Zimmers. Are they a band? I can't say. The video has a 92 year old bloke singing the lead and even though he attempts the stuttering that lends syncopation to the original, and his voice is strong and clear he truly seems to be singing a poem in meter; otherwise how could he chant the line, "Hope I die before I get old" with no emotion tied to that ironic soft ball.
As I have said, this video is very much "We are The World' with a huge chorus of very elderly folk filling the "Talkin bout my generation" bits and smaller dance lines of very spry old people doing the boogie. There is no question however that the music is done by session players, young ones at that, because you can see them. plus the older gang is not shown anywhere near a loaded instrument. At the end, the singer does tip over a drum kit but no rage is taken . (The guy probably shot down Germans in his generation) There are also several stutter shots of men and women attempting to smash some cheap acoustic guitars with no strings. Finally they resort to jumping up and down on the damn things and right there you might take a notion that this is something the may have dreamed of back in the day.

So see the vid. I've left some funny stuff out plus, the people in charge might surprise you. I still want to know if this is an actual band or and old person's choir. They have a CD release coming up., and also there do seem to be some bookings.

My interest? Well, I will be 60 in 09/2007. I've been a professional musician and producer. I also have a band called The Hoodoodads who perform here: You could say this "age rage" thing has got my attention.

Tommy Texino

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MaryE said...

You may be on to something, Tex. I love the Zimmers, especially the bit where they cross Abbey Road. They look a lot nicer than the Beatles did. And they look like they're having fun, something a lot of young musicians would do well to learn. Keep writing, Tex.