Wednesday, June 24, 2009


OK, here are some photos of the photogenic naked row boater Roz Savage. She is a handsome woman and her handler Nicole would like to get her into playboy magazine...? Oh well Roz is still rowing but she is not saying much about where she is headed or when she expects to get there. She spoke quite a bit about that during her last row which made for interesting reading. Oh yes, Roz posted another picture of herself naked today, but you can't see her breasts. OH well, I'm probably not going to write too much more about Roz Savage™ Nicole, is keeping my comments from reaching her, so there is little chance of give and take.
Cheers and sorrows,


Anonymous said...

this is very disrespectful texino

texino said...

There is nothing in this post that is not verified, so while I admit to giving old Rozer the business, I have a great deal of respect for her courage. I have also followed Roz since she got into this as her name came to light while I was researching a story on the first people to row an ocean. Roz and I have quipped in the past, but now she seems to want to drop her sense of humor and rudely ignore me. I have lots more info on Roz which I am holding back and I have no plans to make any big fuss while she is in danger at sea. Should she decide to play nice that would be swell.