Friday, June 19, 2009

So how come I'm still writing?

Well I can't say for certain. I thought that I needed the support of Novelist Mary Moon in order to test my mettle, but I guess that was just an illusion provided by my sponsor- Mr.Insecurity. Now, I'm still a big fan of Mary Moo, I guess I just don't need her help as much as I thought and I suppose I can get by the loss of friendship the same way a person gets over other such disappointments. So it comes down to this. I'm sorry but I am going to continue this blog even though I have no idea if anyone reads it. It is just something I have to do.

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soliera said...

because you can't NOT write, like a fish can't not come out of the water for a kiss. It's your self expression and whaddelse ya gonna do w/ that creative energy, write songs ?(well..)don't matter if not may of your friends see them posts (proboably more than you think), they're out there in cyber space and enter into the universal consciousness. Quit yer bellyaching and acknowledge not all of your people have something to contribute, you're unique in your ability to express and organize your thoughts. We need people like you, balancing monsters of love