Thursday, July 02, 2009

Humpty Dumpty and Me

I don't exactly remember what made Humpty Dumpty so important that all any one's horses and men would try to reassemble the grouchy egg after he fell from his wall. There are many lessons packed into that verse the main one being no one can last when fate takes hold of the situation; another-more obscure- being to make an omelet you must break some eggs. I do know that the verse was originally a riddle with "Humpty Dumpty" being slang for a rather short and clumsy person. So the rhyme is read and the riddle is, who then is Humpty? The answer is of course an egg since your average clumsy clod would probably manage a wall fall without being broken to bits. I guess my ideas about Humpty's attitude come from Louis Carrol where Alice meets up with the egg in "Through the Looking Glass" and he leads her though a semantic work out which is a real mix up as is just about every thing else in that work and were it not,IMO, for Alice's British up bringing, she would have been driven mad PDQ. Anyway, the whole purpose of this jumble is allow me to state that I fell down and got a concussion, and while I seem to be able to recall some things, I'm totally blank on some others. I have had a concussion before, several in fact, but they were the results daring do while this one was pure old guy falls over. I don't like it one damn bit. I am also sorry for writing a post called F*** It! because there is a certain nice lady on the BG-l who reads what I write and I had no reason to title that post other than I was feeling sorry for my self and not thinking about people who go through life without resorting to casual profanity. Enough on that. I'm going to bed until I am better in the head.

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GrannyPam said...

You can delete a post, or be sorry for something you write, but not erase your feelings. I hope you will feel better soon.

BTW, I fell a couple of times a few years ago, but managed to hurt only my knee and ankle. Now, I walk like an old guy, but sloooowly to avoid hitting my mostly empty head.