Wednesday, September 16, 2009

an inconvienient time to die

Mary Travers died. She had blood cancer-a tiresome disease-and on as good a day for living as there is, she died anyway. I can't blame her, but I fault the unstoppable grim tide. Summer's end is a showcase of life and to leave like the smell of last mowing of the hay is to miss the harvest. A time for collecting life and giving prizes for food stuffed in jars and warmth stitched into quilts; a time for death to take a break with his scythe and wait for a day when the streams are choked with ice, the hollows filled with wood smoke and the ground crackles like the distant rattle of bones as the departed is trundled to the perfect cold of the grave. But will he wait up? No. I sit here and write perfect purple vignettes for death to follow and though he will use them all, he never takes a break and seems to delight in cutting the ones I love down like summer grasses, on the most perfect days to live. I'm not trying to stop death, but I would certainly appreciate it if he were to follow the plots I lay down in my dark hours and just stop killing like there was no tomorrow.
You'd think the shade would give a root boy a break. But he don't stop for horses or high waters, so people pack up your good deeds and your sorrows too and keep them close to hand cause you just don't know when that man be stepping around your corner and catching your eye. For truth.


Raj said...

¿perfect purple?
¿perfect purple?
¿perfect purple?
¿perfect purple?
¿perfect purple?

texino said...

Well yeah, purple prose is a term for being too elaborate, kind of like "over Stuffed" I'm making fun of myself you see? I am also making fun of death

It is disappointing that you don't seem to care for my stuff. On the other hand, if I am pissing you off or making you think, I'm doing my job as an author. Like I said, feel welcome to visit and leave what ever you feel like. Hurts my feelings a little since I like most everyone, but I will survive...)
Yours Truly
Tomas Texino
Las Vegas, NV.

Mike Marcellino said...

like your writing tom

remember mary on the lawn behind the chapel at wake forest she was so young and tall blonde as i recall, it was a late summer night and only a few hundred people there, that's the way i'll remember mary

- mike

Nurze Barry said...

Raj = writing for $$$$$$.

Tommy = writing for writing.

Bravo Tommy.

texino said...

Hey Barry and Sarge too.
That Raj fellow just got here because I made a post about a girl called Roz Savage and called her Raj Savage as a kind of on going joke and Raj has got a Raj alert for every time the word gets posted whether it's to do with him or not. He wants to say I'm fucking nuts but he likes to disguise the term as nucking futz or something like that. Ha ha.

I. Cinder Burnout said...

Well, except for the comments having nothing to do with Mary Travers, I enjoyed your piece. I never really thought of her as being that beautiful, but she certainly seemed likeable and not the "look at me" no talent mini-stars we see featured today. The group's music I left behind after the Beatles first album, but they were part of our history and deserve respect and remembrance.

texino said...

This is not a post about Mary Travers

texino said...

All I know about Mary Travers: She was from Kentucky; She Favored the beatnik life.