Wednesday, February 13, 2008

40 acres and a mule

Well now. Politics is afoot so someone toss some antifreeze on the Antichrist and let's get going. I may have or may not have said something akin to the following: "The Democrats can pretty much walk into the White House, so rather than picking a person who seems like a solid candidate, they field a woman whom no one seems to like and a Black guy." If I did not write that down, I was thinking it. Well that was then and although I still have a hard time believing that this, screwed up, me first, gimme some money, got no sense of what is real, country I live in can overlook skin tone, I am starting to think that Senator Obama might possibly have a shot at being president. To me, that's kind of exciting because the guy seems to have some charisma of the sort that gets the young people fired up, and the last time I saw that was with John F Kennedy which, by the way, happens to have been the last good time. That's right. Regardless of what the revisionists try to tell you. If you were there, you know that there was a national good feeling. A feeling we have been groping around for in the permanent twilight since cast by The Republicans as they moved around ripping things apart by rote. Well, they seem to have finished fucking up the country, so perhaps we can turn of the lights again. Perhaps we will see their wagons rumbling off with the ghosts of Nixon, Ford, Regan, an a couple of Bush's. Jesus Christ (or Anti) think about those years. Not that the Democrats were that great, but as soon as one tried to do something either the Republican controlled congress or their pit bulls would hit the populace with such a bunch of vitrol-Hell the entire Clinton Presidency was wasted with the Republican Party trying to pin infidelities on him. Eight fucking years! It is fairly obvious, even to the fool here that the GOP wanted something and now they either have it or have screwed it up so badly they seem content to leave the town and the candidacy in the hands of tired old war horse whose only appeal may be "The last grownup President" our generation will ever see. Personally, I believe Senator McCain is a good man but he has suffered greatly as a prisoner in a foolish war and may not be up for the strain of guiding the nation. Me, I can't help feeling a little twinge of the old excitement for Obama. A person with a vision. It might work. If the racists don't have him shot. You cant forget them. On the other hand, I don't think anyone wants to shoot Senator Clinton, BUT, if Senator McCain may be a little off from being a POW, how might Senator Clinton's head be, continuing a marriage to a guy who was president fairly recently and made her look foolish by having affairs in the White House itself. A whole lot of baggage on that one.

There is a lot of controversy whether President Lincoln would have been in favor of emancipation had the South not insisted on prosecuting a war of succession. Regardless, he did emancipate the slaves, and, at wars end promised each freed African 40 acres of land an a mule to work it with. Somewhere between Senator Obama's racial makeup and the symbol of the Democratic Party there is a metaphor to be drawn. Of course Elephants are to do with Africa as well. Perhaps had the Party of Lincoln given each former slave 80 acres and an elephant, agriculture and other matters down South might have worked out a bit better than they did.

Would it be too much to believe that things are now not as they ever were and we might see a spark of change come before we go? One can only hope,

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Ms. Moon said...

I agree. I think that whatever happens, it's going to be exciting.