Saturday, February 23, 2008

Fuck The Police

Oh Texino!  You shameful Mestizo! The police are you friends. Why would you damn them with your foul lingo?  Well, I'll tell you why.  The cops are not your friends.  In fact, they believe that the world is split into two basic types of humans. Cops and other people.  Now they have a lot of colorful names for the "other people" and if you are not cop you may not be bad enough to fall into one of those categories, however; make no mistake because you can easily move from "civilian" to "dirtbag" by crossing some line the police have arbitrarily set to judge your worth.  I'm not fooling around here.  I've taught courses at a police academy and there is a definite line drawn from day one that indoctrinates the students to this way of thought: The police are my friends and everyone else is out to prevent me from doing my job. Ergo, they are the enemy.  

If you don't have a lot of truck with the cops, you may not realize just how fucked up they are.  Want to see?  Well just turn on you local FOX TV station and catch an episode of the reality based" Cops" show, you know the one with the reggae theme "Bad Boys" (what you gonna do when they come for you?)  Not if, when.  There's a new theme each week, but mostly its the Police chasing someone around until the person wrecks the car.  Or else they just roust some poor homeless looking person for walking down the street and basically demand his "Papers" then drag the poor sucker off if he don't have any.  I'm wondering about some guy they busted in Vegas on a show tonight.  He was just walking on the side walk and the cops started hassling him until he admitted all manner of personal things.  I'd like to know the law that says you have to have a permanent address.  This guy was homeless and produced an ID.  Somehow the cops got into his pockets and found something incriminating, but why can't the guy just Identify himself and  get on his way?  Point is  they managed to put a bunch of people in jail on this show whose only crime seemed to be walking around or sitting in a car and allowing the cops to search their person and vehicles and then the cops find some reason to haul them off. 
It's getting time I should be walking my dog.  He's gone now, so I cant do it but I still want to take his leash and walk anyway .  Well chances are, if I do, some cop's going to stop me and ask me what I'm doing  and if he or she did not understand  my reason or thought it was funny, things could go very wrong.   See, it's the separation between us and them.  They couldn't see someone out walking because he missed his dog.  No, it would have to be a guy looking to rob or worse.

The police need to be brought to heel.  Too much seized drug money has allowed them to become pin point paramilitary militias with no wise educated leadership and they want to bust some people up.  Who?  It won't matter as long as it's not another cop.  Sneaky brown aliens fit the bill nicely  I'm sure, as would rambunctious blacks.  Sorry copper but we put our socks on the same way.  You want some law and order?  Start making the streets safe and go after the the big crooks.  They do every thing but advertise  and they don't give a damn if you pick some small potatoes off the corner. It's the price of doing business.  

Maybe you get my point to night and maybe not.  I'm just saying it's a sick situation and we are being sold a bill of goods at a huge discount.  Could be I'm loosing it.  I'd be the last to get the news.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             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Ms. Moon said...

As always, quite interesting. I try to avoid any situation where I would have to deal with the police, which is why I infuriate everyone on the road by driving the speed limit.
I have to say that once, when I needed a cop, he came quickly. That was good. But there were details that left me...well, unsurprised.
But where I live it's a different world.