Thursday, February 07, 2008

It's not like being drunk

Hi, I'm going to write about reefer. No, I'm not in a Reefer Club with a bunch of sexy dames. Kind of wish I were but tell the truth, I don't remember smoking pot leading to a whole raft of sex when I first started out, but as I got a little older and had some girl friends we did have sex quite a lot. I don't know, but those refer club women certainly do not seen too inhibited to me, so maybe pot is a sex drug after all and the thought it was my looks and personality was just the sin of pride.
Oh well, what I want to write about has nothing to do with sex and everything to do with the worthless fucking police. I was looking at the local paper today where according to The Police Report the major crime around these parts is driving without a license.
It may be revoked, suspended or invalid for just not being renewed. Whatever the reason, it seems to be a crime worthy of arrest. Please think about that while I continue. Aside from the regular police report, there was a major story where the police had arrested 91 criminals for drug related crimes and were boasting about putting their lives on the line by actually making some drug purchases. They way the story was going you would have started to think that they had really closed down drug availability in the area. You think? Well maybe not, since it turns out that every single bust was for a single hand to hand buy and out of the 91 criminals only two had never been arrested before. One fellow had and arrest record of over 100 busts-obviously not 100 convictions-but if that doesn't tell you he was a black guy then you are breathing through your butt. They did not list the arrestees so I couldn't profile the names on a racial basis but please don't try and say it's racist to do so, since black people tend toward unique spellings and other telltale issues when it comes to naming. My point here is I am betting that a goodly percentage of the 3 or 4 people who read my blog could go out into the poorer parts of the community where by some odd coincidence all the black people live and without breaking a sweat they would be able to identify some active drug dealing. From my reading I was able to infer that some if not the majority of these deals had been recorded by powerful hidden cameras with sound and that "evidence" led to the arrest. Of course, I believe regardless of what a hidden police camera says you are doing, other than running a red light, unless a police officer has "laid his or her life on the line" to buy a small amount of pot of pills, it would be mighty hard indeed to prove that you actully sold drugs. I mean even if someone says "gimmie some pot" and you say "sure $20 please" you can deny it was drugs and say "Just kidding" or "we call chewing gum pot" of course the cops will show the tape to the suspect without benifit of a lawyer and the person will cut deal. Fucking cops. They probably got all dressed up in their scary black mask ninja suits and went crashing into these peoples homes at 4 AM screaming and setting off flash grenades and chaining up a bunch of low level drug people to show on the news. To what end? You think you cant buy some pot or crack tonight? Might be a bit tough this weekend, but by Monday it will be sorted out.

Then go back and read the Police Beat and you will see people getting put in the jug for the same old stuff. Murder? no. Armed robbery? nope. Home burglers? negative. Assault? probably not. No, it's all the incidental stuff. Cop pulls someone over and somethings wrong with the DL. Why is this a ticket to the jail house? Cop pulls someone over and smells some pot. You're going to jail. There are a couple of things of note here. One is your drivers license is the national I.D. (your papers please) that Americans are not supposed to need. Try getting around without a DL or and ID given by the drivers license people if you don't drive. The pot? Criminalize some minor nostrum and keep hammering away that it is dangerous. People wont stop using it because they know it is relatively harmless yet the price stays high for the people who make big money dealing large amounts. Notice, they may bust a bunch of pot some time, but rarely bust anyone with it. Now if you are stupid enough to drive around drunk thats against the laws of common sense and it will cost you large. I worked on the street for 20 odd years and never saw anyone cause an accident because they were too high on pot to drive while I've seen drunks not only kill others but try to let their dead friends take the rap by moving them into the driver's seat and other such behavior.

So just be thinking that things are never as they seem and in fact most everything made out to be a major move for your protection is a great big lie placed to make someone look good while they are taking something away from you.

Someone comes around asking me to join a Reefer club? I'm in. Never can tell who might be a member.

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