Sunday, December 07, 2008

Texino missing

Hello this is Sam Marley from Fat Alley. I'm still dealing drugs to the stars and running an underground railway station for zombies on the move, plus a few ultra traditional Blacks who can't admit slavery is in the bag. Doesn't matter to me anyway. You got your "ticket" you can ride all the way to the northern terminus. I hear that place is a hollow tree up in Canada by a cross road. They have a store that sells spaghetti with banana parts, chicken fried chicken, and you can catch a bus there too. I should mention, as a matter of public safety, that if you see a shabby looking person eating a big helping of pasta with red sauce and bananas, then you are watching a Zombie dinning out. Just remember, that Zombie would really rather be eating your brains close by the thrill of bashing your head to get them. Dealing with Zombies is a tricky business. Me, I am lucky because, my cousin Bob is one and he is still very popular in the music business. Texino deals with all manner of Zombies, Loupes Garoux , witches, Vampires and what have you and no one messes with him. All that aside, the boy has gone missing. While it has been rumored Texino may be involved in a love pentagon there are those who claim the composit genius has not made boom boom with a lady for years. Sources close to "the truest and most loyal friend a person could ever hope to find" say that he has recently been upset and feeling as "useless as a Nordic Trak™ exercise device." Long time neighbor"Mrs. Parkhurst" reports that she noticed "The Texino" slouching around the "hood" and when she asked, "Where are you going?" he replied "Crazy, want to go?" OK. I have business.
Hope Texino comes back. I'll miss him, if he don't. You come see me at The Fat Alley some time––– Sam

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