Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Gimme a "K"

Karma.  Now there's a word we use pretty often here at the labs. It's like a cosmic credit score in that it is supposed to determine your worth in past and present lives with an eye for how you might fare in a future incarnation.  You can also score points in the good and bad aspects of Karma and then blame it for failure or fortune.  Actually, people tend talk about their own good Karma and someone else's bad.  I mean you don't often hear a person say "I sure have bad Karma." No, he/she will more than likely shell out a self effacing, "Shucks, must be good Karma or something." On the other hand, someone might say, President Clinton has bad Karma and that would fit because the poor man is always getting into hot water.  In my opinion President Bush has no Karma , so in his case the saying "You only live once" would be probably be appropriate.  The Karmic system also works well for those who have issues with current trends in the Old Time Religion.  I mean it's fine to point out the rewards of  having Good Karma, but if should one start referring to one's self as "Christ Like" that person might find himself the object of one of those "Spanish Inquiries" where the person ends up skinned alive.  I'm sorry, but that bunch have some pretty
uncharitable intentions toward anyone who can't conceive the beauty of a theocracy. 
I'm talking this trash because I am trying to steer clear of an ongoing miracle.  It involves some very nice people who want to believe it miraculous that a person was able to stage a remarkable recovery from a medical problem.  OK.  Now since it is permissible for anyone to think what he or she wants, it should also be OK to consider that God may well have intended to rub this fellow out and purveyors of cold logic stole him back.  Could happen.  Of course there are many many ways to view this and it still comes out a split decision, Miraculous Event vs Beating the Reaper.  Religion has been around a long time often playing to worse odds, so it's a foolish person who discounts it outright.  What's it got to do with me?  Well I did something to help here, and I want to believe I did it because I have the power to recognize a situation where I can make a positive impact, just do it and leave.  That action may well employ the teachings of various faiths, but putting what you have learned to work and being a theological pawn are not the same.  In this case, I think I'll take the Karmic points and go home Bob.  Let another contestant try for the Showcase.

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