Tuesday, August 14, 2007

I might be different

I am not myself right now.  Well as Texino, I am not really myself, but this is different.  I don't know if it has to do with laser shots to the brain or a sudden compulsion to study the Dorian mode, but I do know these items are not found in the day planner of your average almost 60 year old man.  I've done a little checking and, no you won't find them.  Oh yeah, there is this other thing.  Lately, I have been stopping my car a little bit into the cross walk when I pause at a red light.  Well, I did it again yesterday, except there was a red car already there and I hit it.  Not hard mind you, but the fellow driving the red car noticed and he got out to talk.  There was no damage and the man was very nice about it.  He could have said something mean, but he didn't.  We were both transporting French Poodles, and that may have helped.  On the other hand, he could have been riding a motor bike and the story would have ended differently.  Well it did end there and fortunately, nothing was said in regard to my age.  Like "maybe it's time to call it a day gramps."  Or "The light doesn't get any redder in St Johns Provence, daddy-o"  Oh yeah, I was not high on reefer or booze.  I felt badly to the maximum and decided to go see my doctor and ask a question.  For some reason I started crying when when the Doctor came to examine me.  He was concerned as Texinos just don't do that unless they are happy.  He sent me to have  test for a brain bleeding event.  Since it wasn't, they said Texino you could just be losing your marbles few at a time, so its time for us to count them.  So if you happen to spot some loose cats eyes or steelies  rolling around in the, gutter please pick them up and put them in  safe spot until I can get someone over to get them.  Thanks.  

While I am writing about crazy, I might as well confess the possibility of a new ghost.  I've written about the drag-leg ghost before-the one almost scared my hair white, back in 1963.
Well this morning I went to to finish up this post and there were a lot of Es at the end of the last sentence because I had gone to sleep typing and my finger had rested on the key.
I erased all of the E letters and looked at what I had put down and it made some sense, so I went and hit the spell check.  Now the spell check busted me for trying to make a compound word of too +Lorraine.  OK?  Well not fine because I did not write "Lorraine" anywhere in the post and if I had it would have been totally out of context.  In fact, the only Lorraine I know is the lady who sold me poodles.  I did, however, have a  next door neighbor by that name, but she died many years ago.  Funny thing is, when she was dying she said she hoped to live long enough to smell my jasmine in bloom once more.  She did and then died.  She was very warm and gracious woman and I miss her.  Sometimes when I am out in the night airs, I will pick up the sent of Ligustram.  Lorraine had a hedge of it and the smell was strong.  After she died, her husband tore it up.  Then he moved away.  He is about 90 and he didn't have any trouble finding a new babe either.  John's a real good dancer and the gals left by from those dancing days, will go Boffo for a man who is smooth.  I miss Loraine a lot,  for she was ever so nice.  Thing is, John never had a service for her.  He just burnt her up and the paper said "service at a later date."  So poor Lorraine is on my mind especially when I catch the smell of Ligustram where there isn't any, or whenever my Jasmine comes out  Now today, I find her name mysteriously hanging around my word processor and would like to know if she is here for a visit or I just wrote it while drifting.  I put a few questions to the computer and when I come back from the eye doctor I'll see if she was here.  I think you night want the answers too.  As the Bard once had Hamlet say;  "There are more things in heaven and earth, Texino, than are dreamt of in your philosophy"

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Ms. Moon said...

Ain't nothing wrong with your brain, Texino. Not if you can write like this.
And if Lorraine did drop by, she was just saying howdy.
That's all I'm saying.
Ms. Moon