Saturday, October 27, 2007

A bit about magic

Sam Marly here.  I've got Bob doing  bit of labor in the Bodega and that's working out OK so long as he doesn't start talking his "Ja Love" rap.  We don't get many outsiders down the alley in the day light but it would not do to have the word go out to Jump Street that Bob Marly was pouring coffee down here. 

 The magic that keeps us on the rails around here is good old stuff from Old Africa.  Nevertheless, magic is like other forms of medicine; it works by directing (tricking) the brain down one of the many pathways of possibility, but its outcome ultimately lies within a solid matrix of belief.  It's like the roadbed of rocks and gravel needed to keep our metaphorical rails in place.  If you can find a way to comfortably balance that real/unreal ideal then the magic train of thought will cruise right into the station and your Inside Out Bodega will remain open for business 24/7 or rabbits will continue to populate your hat and Zombies will wash your socks.  As I said, the magic is very high quality.  My worry lies with the foundation of the belief system.  Used to be your everyday African around these parts was totally flooded with the stuff from birth.  Modern African Americans are a dead end.  At least when they taught religion in schools you had some prewired folks out there who were quite ready to swallow all manner of spell binders.  No, it's getting tough to find the folk we need to keep our magic batteries charged, so to speak.  Good thing we have Texino!  When he's around with his Panama Posse, the old bodega just hums, and at night it glows like alabaster with little green worms of lightning  sliding all over the dome.  Pretty impressive for a back alley drug store in Baltimore.

Do we sell drugs? We are a  news shack with a few outside tables at the bottom of a seemingly blind alley in the midst of a dying US port city, so yeah you can score drugs; be too suspicious if you couldn't.  We leave the dealing to the gangsters though.  All you can get here is an aspirin  with codeine and paregoric.  Traditional Bodega stuff the wide world round.  Now the thing I do with famous jerk-wads  is a whole other thing.  I love to lure those fat assed hypocrites down here with the promise of some miracle anti-aging drug or sex enhancing potion.  I can't really tell you what the whole deal is other than who they are and what their flavor of life-style is.  You see some of these "Magic Drugs" well, they are magic, and how do I know who might want to get in here and cause me grief.  Of course that would be a big mistake since there are always some of Texino's people passing through the temporal terminal and they move in real time and space, as in tear off your  arms real.  So don't get any big ideas about getting rich with your own Inside Out Franchise.  OK? Fine.   Now I'll be around to let you know who's into what and when it's safe to come out and elect a leader who is really not crazy.   Take care.  Bob say Yo yoy yo.

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