Friday, October 26, 2007

The time ain't now buddy how it used to be

Yeah, that's the Republican Religious Right Jesus H. Christ I've been talking about.  Maybe His name should be H. Jesus Christ to sort of bring back that odd initial for your name thing that was so popular the last time we had a King/Figurehead administration.  You know back in the days of the former century.  Water Gate and all that jazz.  Was a lot of praying going along back then too, but I think they still looked up to their hero or savior or what ever you want to call him.  In other words, He wasn't on the team.  It is not like we have not had a Jesus freak for president before either.  President Carter was one and still is I think, yet the Republican Jesus guys are all over Jimmy like he was never even the president at all.  It's like all the good things he did were bad.  Those Republican bastards have been getting away with this for a little too long for my taste and the whole matter of co-opting Christ is really pushing my buttons.

It's hard to remember exactly when this mess got going, but if you are hip to changes, you will remember back when oh maybe Mr Ford was the president, all of a sudden there were these odd commercials popping up with men like Tom Landry the coach of The Dallas Cowboys football club and Roger Staubach his famous quarterback plus some other fellows of an obvious no nonsense Republican bent and all they really said was something about having a "Personal relationship with God " and that was about it.  Nothing about call this number or give money to the Mormons or anyone else.  So if you were thinking like a normal american, you KNEW that these men are better than you are in the first place and now they have this matter of fact smug attitude that suggests they have access with His Honor The Lord.  We are not talking mere Jesus here, we are talking The Creator; the all seeing all knowing Holy Ghost in physical form if you will.  Once you lay that jazz down and get the hoi thinking , it's pretty damn easy to bring Jesus in as an honorary member of the board or just a greeter for the high rollers .  You know like they used to do in Vegas, get Old Joe Louis- "The Brown Bomber" AKA "The colored fighter" -to hang around the casino and pretend to slip a few punches with every sleaze ticket gambler who drops 100k.  Now you got your corporate Jesus you need some disciples to set the tone.  Who better than Rush Limbaugh , a man with "talent on loan from God!" and  ideals straight from  former German Chancellor A. Hitler.  Limbaugh  a fellow who used his God like talent to probe the fears of the impotent middle aged white man ( no big trick since it turns out he WAS the quintessential impotent middle-aged white man)  Sent his legions out not to confront their fears, but to gang up in "Rush Rooms"- mostly pizza joints empty during the post lunch to early bird dinner time when Limbaugh ruled the roost with his bad puns and bully boy ideals; Feminazis, let's pick on the homeless and finally just lie about Democrats eating babies or something.  So there.  If you are wondering how the fuck G. W. Bush got to be president of the USA.  That's it in a nut shell.  Throw them off balance with some vague talk about being one on one with God;  Make Jesus into some everyday flunky who would support out right lies and hate and then control the media to spread the lies and hate while yelling that you don't control the media.  People wonder what's wrong?  Well there is very little that is right at the moment, still so long as we don't mandate a Homeland Religion or Language and there are more people in the world who are able to keep their own council when it comes to faith than there are nutty evangelicals trying  pigeon hole everyone's dollar bill, there is a chance for a peaceful life to break out someplace.   It might not be here though, so take my advice and always keep a bag packed .                                                                                                                       

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