Tuesday, March 04, 2008

the sun will not set on simple ideas

No, it won't and helps to see the point, if you have traveled around the world sort of quickly.  Say from Panama to Japan to India to Europe and so on.  Never stopping long; just moving at a pace where the sound of each day's subtle shifts in  pitch don't come as a surprise. I mean the change of the rail road's sound at the grade crossing and the fire brigade's banshee moan suddenly becoming that "hee haw" two tone or do the cop cars sound like alarm clocks and do kids march to school?  If you have traveled enough those simple sounds in the traffic of life can tell you where on earth you may have started the day.  Of course jet planes and ocean ships are generic  but so are the sky and sea to a land traveler.  No the sun does not set on a traveler, it just passes over his way and comes back again to remind him to listen up for some symptom or look for a sign that he's someplace else where it may be time to mind his manners in a different mode than the day before.  To travel about is to learn lots of customized style but rarely find any big answers.  If you want to know where love goes, what blue sounds like or how to recognize Wednesday, well I don't think you will find the answers to those things anywhere outside of your own mind and that means you will have to brave the dark because the sun sets on your mind every night.  Of course the more you travel, the less you notice the dark hours because you get good and tired!   I have been meaning to hit the road so I don't think so much.  Probably do me some good.  I'll send you a card.


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