Sunday, March 09, 2008

The Fat Heads

Who?  Well the fat heads are the people whose overall mindset is what keeps
actual American Citizens dying in these crazy wars that you sort of hear about.
Sort of hear about?  Well yeah, I'd say that.  Like where is the 82 nd Airborne pounding the ground at the moment? Or the 101st Screaming Eagles?  The 1st infantry?  The 1st Cav. (Airmobile)  This ain't loose lips sink ships stuff you know.  It's just the TV doesn't say because The Fat Heads don't want the word out that our storied fighting groups are just tooling about being used for target practice by Johnny Arab.  Are you holding your head and saying, oh no not again?  Well you may as well because The Fat Heads learned back during the War Between The States, that there was good money to be made by a stay at home Fat Head so long as the bullets kept flying and the bombs kept bursting and even if a war happened to stop, there was something called R&D that paid pretty good money to modify the tech from the previous conflict and make it more powerful and expensive for the next war and woe be it to anyone who tried to keep there from being a next war.  Take a second if you will and bring in the Ghosts of Woodrow Wilson and Jimmie Carter.  You say Carter's not dead? Sure he is, he just don't know it. Now here are two great men who tried to set an example of peace.  Mr. Carter Even tried to be Green!  Plus he was every bit the fundamental Christian G.W. Bush would like to be.  He just did it by honest work and setting an example of the Christian life.  Wilson's work on the League of Nations was masterful and he was proud to believe he could have ended all wars, until the Fat Heads stabbed him in the back and dashed his dream.  And Mr. Carter?  He was dismissed by a neurologically defunct B movie actor and his wife who knew how a queen should live, and as the Carters we ushered out the back door of the boarded up mansion, the curtain went up on 8 years of Fat Head theatre where they were so comfy they didn't even need a war and things looked so peachy that just about every potential Fat Head there was joined the Republican party.  Well the Ronnie Show finally had to leave town.  At their convention no one seemed to notice that rather than a speech they folksy Prez put on a hi tech video of his accomplishments narrated as he strolled and rode around his wild-west ranch and ending it walking away from the camera with his arm around "Mommie" who reaches out and gives him a pat on the butt as he says "...And I think we did a pretty god job." Oh Jesus fucking Christ, the Fat Heads cheered  their fat heads off.  For a fucking movie by a fucking movie actor reading voice over while the actual man was Ga Ga. Didn't matter because they had the big MO behind them and elected a former CIA chief who knew exactly who he could get  a war going with and did it it the grandest fat head style chasing Iraqis all over the desert and blasting the crap out of them with smart and very expensive weapons.  You will remember the Patriot missiles that couldn't miss?  And all those briefings where "TV guided" things went right through the doors windows and down the chimney.  Well it turns out things were not quite as accurate as all that, but what the hey?  We ran those stinking towel heads... well you know what I mean.  One thing though.  The jr. Fat Heads and the Thick Heads could not figure out why didn't we chase evil Sadam back to Baghdad?  Well, a lot has to do with how this story started, and I'll get right to it  Still in Iraq #1 we had plenty of Fat Head Dollars to be made putting out those oil fires and restoring infrastructure and all that jazz.  The reason we just stuck with that fat head business was Mr. Bush #1 had been around and he knew the secret.  The secret is not going to make you very happy regardless of what size hat you wear.  But damn the lies and full speed ahead.  Lets build a metaphor, OK? Fine.  No suppose you had a gang of scrawny little british kids and they had been playing some type of game for ages.  Something Americans don't play or even understand at all; like Cricket.  Well these boys could be really good but say a German school moved into their neighborhood and they had a team that was just as good but had the advantage of regular meals and warm clothes, so they were bigger and stronger and they would win enough games to always be on top.  OK.  We suppose we were to bring three men over from the USA: Michael Jordan, Joe Montana and Barry Bonds, each one at his peak and each one with a huge fortune.  Before too long, with the help of these super athletes and their money, the British boys would find a way to come out the over all winners. Well the great wars, the world wars, have sort of been fought like that.  Our side won, not because the Americans were the smartest fighters but because we had the inexhaustible supplies from Fat Head business and the foolish patriotism drummed into the real Americans by their Fat Head bosses. Plus our allies had been fighting wars for thousands of years and really just needed the infusion of unlimited wealth and plenty of guys in green.  Don't buy it?  Well just look at the wars we have attempted to prosecute on our own;Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq, The Drug War... See a pattern?  Maybe we are not the big time winners the Fat Heads tell us we are.  Remember, it really doesn't matter to the Fat Head Confederacy if we keep losing these wars;  so long as we don't see the truth of the matter and stop fighting for Fat Heads.  What might happen if we did that.  Did what?  Admitted that we can't win a war against a determined insurgent population who is not trying to take our stuff but just trying to work out their inner turmoil and just come home.  That's right.  Say fuck it Johnny Arab, you fix it and we will talk business.  Well the Fat Heads would not care for that in the least, but, being fat heads they would get to work on bringing some some sort of big dollar can't lose business to ground.  Wouldn't it be swell they decided to make some highly efficient car or some medical cure?  Could that happen?  Of course it could.  The Fat Heads are really just a big machine tool factory of sorts.  They have just been profiting of war for so long that it's hard to change the product and of course as long as we believe that we are ace war winners, a status quo will exist. Admit that we can't win a game of checkers against these non-enemies and see how fast the  industry develops  the tools for our cleaner greener and better future.  Why?  Sooner or later another real war will pop up and after all, a Jeep's just a kind of car and if it's electrically powered and made of composite material it will bring a good price on the defense market.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

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