Friday, March 28, 2008

He's really glad to meet ya! (Very much so)

Oh oh! Its a Ghost! (silent 'T') Sure it's Casper The Friendly, but he's still a ghost and even though he is cartoonish with a bubblehead and expressive eyebrows  he is destined to walk the earth in search of a friend before he can rest.  Kind of begs the question of what happens to his friend?.  I lived in a house with a ghost in it and the thing was not the least bit friendly.  In fact, it would stomp around the halls and go dragging right by the bedroom where I slept causing me to flee in panic.  The ghost never got me and I was damn glad to get out of that big scary old place.  I wish I could have confronted the source of the sound because it was a real physical noise of someone dragging something and the father of the family who lived there before had died while out in the woods cutting a Christmas tree.  Kind of get the impression I'd be seeing a rather confused looking semi transparent man with a tree.  Trouble with that is it would open up a whole lot of theological and scientific seams plus throw the light of suspicion on my ability to tell the truth.  In the long run it's a better ghost story than factual sighting.  Still it gives one pause to wonder what happens if ones death is unexpected or particularly tragic and not totally resolved.  I mean this guy with his tree would show up any time there was a big commotion at the house.  His family had moved.  Not far, but away and all the hoo ha of another big family moving in and raising hell seemed to excite the "spirit".  Oh well, I only had a chance to solve the whole riddle of life and death and blew it cause I'm a chicken.  That's the whole of it I guess.
Our whole field of cosmic misunderstanding may be laid at my cowardly feet.  Well, God knows I'm sorry!  Never said I was perfect, just Texino.

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Ms. Moon said...

There are things we are not meant to know. Yet.
Nice post.