Friday, September 14, 2007

Making Good Money-Internet

I received a curious email today from a Mr. Davis who writes that I may be surprised that he is in touch, but I have been recomended to him as a man who can be trusted, and therefore should not be alarmed by the fact that he would like me to work a little business deal with him for the tune of $52,500,000. I must say that's quite a bit of money even for me.  What's the deal?  Well Mr. D. is a government functionary, though he does not say whose government, but never the less the clever fellow has hit upon a fool proof scheme of sorts.  Here it is.  Davis ordered some "construction supplies" for "The Government" and in a masterful stroke of genius he "over billed" the companies involved the sum of !!!!!!! You guessed it 52.5 Mil. ANNNNNNND!!!!! They Paid It!  Boy do I like it when the little guy gets the brass ring!  Well almost gets, would be more the case, and here's why.  Davis just can't get the money, however; he can get the money if I get involved in some way and don't betray him.  I'm going to quote Mr. Davis: I have sent you this email not without fears as to what the consequences might be, if you choose to betray me, I have a lovely family and this is an occasion to provide them with new opportunities, do not betray my confidence.  I expect you keep my offer private whatever your decision. Do not betray me. I await your response.  I guess I've sort of slipped up here, hell I may as well have said the guy's email is I swear to God, I must have lost nearly 2-300 million bucks this year alone because I won some lottery I don't remember entering and couldn't pay the special "fees" involved or make bribe payments or whatever.  I am certainly worth a lot on paper and that is for sure!  I mean with my lottery winnings and inheritances plus "standing in" as next of kin for countless civil engineers who, with their entire families die in these Nigerian car wrecks and plane crashes leaving several millions behind.  Those things add up.  So, if I've blown it for Mr. Davis Sampson of The Government of some place that will be $52 and one half million dollars short come this 09/30, God knows I'm sorry!

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