Sunday, September 16, 2007

Texino, is the moon flat, and could you explain creation for us as well?

 Sure thing kids! The Moon? Flat? As a pancake! That's right, and so is the earth. In fact both are coin shaped and have highly similar magnetic properties that repel one another just enough to keep them hanging up in space. The fact that these bodies are artifacts means that they are artificially made which gives perfect credence to the idea that "God" made them. I know that this information will be very difficult for geocentric science folk to take in, so I'll just leave it for you to chew on with this caveat. If you want to accept any divinity in the creation of your universe, this is where you will end up. Otherwise, you are just bacteria clinging to a rock in the cold darkness.  How's about that?   Earth and Moon as giant bill boards starting to make a bit more sense?  Thought that they might.  So, what's on the back, you ask?  Lots of towers and complex machinery if you must know.  How does it go?  Atomic power is the answer to that.  Aren't we worried about some kind of 3-mile Island thing?  Short answer, no.  The planetary geologists will tell you the Earth is a sphere surrounding a molten core as hot as the sun or something.  Naw! It's just Nuclear Fission in the big reactor. God?  The Generational Optimum Development outfit who goes around populating areas in a space time continuum for who knows what reason.  Probably why people build terrariums and aquariums or keep exotic rabbits.  None of this stuff flies in the face of conventional science or anything,  you know?  I mean other than our earth and moon being rocks as opposed to being big artifacts.  And like I said, if you except the role of the artificer then you can have your God and your science too. You know the idea of a somewhat flat or convex earth has been around forever and doesn't preclude the existence of anything.  Even people who go into space just see the disk of the Earth with part of it always in shadow.  Now geo science would have you believe that it gets dark at night because the place on the earth where you stand has turned it's back on the sun and actually does it for the better part of 12 hours.  OK?  Well when scientists send probes to actual planetary rocks like Mars and Venus, the temperature at these "terminator points" where dark and light meet will vary by hundreds of degrees while here on earth it just cools down a bit; exactly as it would if the moon were moving around the one face of the earth as a second hand moves on the face of a clock.  Of course in this case, the moon's shadow would be a pie shape with the pointed part in the center of the clock face and the wide part moving slowly causing darkness to fall but not taking any part of the world away from the sun's radiational cone, as doing so would freeze every thing solid in a matter of minutes.  Oh horse feathers! You say. Fine.  Just remember that your learned ancestors a very few times removed had no difficulty believing this theory, and it is only on the word of the cold calculating anti artificers that todays belief lies.  Horse Feathers, you might say.  But there is solid horse sense in the belief that people similar to ourselves but with a different ideological bent, brought this physical universe into existence.  Certainly something to think about with your ice cream and cake.*

*Now the question: Do I believe this, or am I just making up a plausible sounding science fiction or maybe even the basis for a cult where the leader and his loyal few, become really rich both socially and financially?  Donations for my good works...etc  Now that's scary.  


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Well, that explains a lot.
Thanks, Dr. Texino!

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