Sunday, May 18, 2008

Frog Power

Texino here and, yes, I am still interested in being your write-in candidate for President of the United States (cha cha cha-Ole') For my parties' mascot I have chosen the humble but extremely powerful, from the occult standpoint, Green Frog. (see image)  Powerful?  Well consider this.  In Tibet rumor has it that Chinese engineers attempting to build the world's highest railroad to Lhasa were thwarted in their efforts by the interference of a frog the size of a truck.
Now the rumor does not exactly spell out what the big frog did.  I suppose one day the Chinamen were laying track with the ant-like cooperation that comes from being a good commie and the uncanny precision which causes one to continue the Chinese-insect metaphor, when all of a sudden they came upon the large amphibian sunning itself in their path.  What to do?  Well, in every People's Project, there must be a political officer to make sure that, even though everyone is the same, workers take orders from their bosses who are not really their bosses in theory but are in practice which, BTW, is why Communism looks so cool on paper and attracts intelligent and wealthy British Homosexual
 men in such large numbers.  My point here is that this being a communist undertaking it is quite possible that a committee was gathered to discuss the options afforded and just as likely that this was done at the railhead in full site of "The Frog" and even more likely still that the insect metaphor was not lost on the giant jumper who may well have decided to sample several members of the hastily convened politburo.  At this juncture, I'm certain a consensus to just "Run a-way" was reached and and the project was abandoned.  Of course it is far more likely that simple economics played the role of giant frog here and the world''s highest railroad was a victim of the world wide slump.  Big Frog makes for a better story though and the government doesn't look too bad.  Rumor is big in China.  People don't read and write.  You ever see what passes for writing in China?  Riiiight! Those pictograms are supposed to be words?  Sez who?   Well I'm not here to discuss this.
It's Frog Power that's on my mind and I think I have demonstrated that The Frog is a symbol of mystical power and certainly a worthy campaign pet.  So come on out and jump on the Texino Bandwagon and, come election day, if my name's not on your ballot, please write it in. You will be helping your country and your self.     

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