Friday, May 30, 2008

Oh Oh

I got this warning in the mail. I think you were supposed to pass it along to everyone in the world. I was called " The new First Family" or something along those lines but what it was really about was showing lots of pictures of "African Natives" of the stereotype typified by the graphic shown here and then identify them as relatives to the natural father of presidential hopeful Barack Obama. The fact that the senior Obama was an African is no secret nor is the fact that he abandoned his US family and went back to Africa where he had some more wives and kids. I think he's dead. Never the less there are no shortage of snap shots of the relatives of Barack's Dad goofing around the Dark Continent looking like natives.

What does this have to do with Sen. Obama's qualification to be President? Nothing, however; it does show that he may have a decent chance because these are the actions of a frightened opponent. I must say that I was distressed when I saw the Democrats were putting up what seemed to be two unelectable candidates in a year when they pretty much had a lock on the race. I think a woman is electable, just not Mrs. Clinton. Too much baggage with her husband; too much cold calculation on the spot. Now a Black person? I can dig it. BUT IMO, both JFK and RFK were assassinated because they allowed states rights to be set aside on the subject of race, and even with the possibility that the "illegal" is actually the "new Nigger" I still believe they are crumpled up old men who will not allow a black to succeed and since Obama has the charismatic power and forward shaped ideas to carry the nation and his racial group into a new thought pattern, it is a given that he will be taken out by untraceable means before he can institute a legacy for a successor to honor. Boy what a country!

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Ms. Moon said...

Yep. What a country. Got no more to add to that one.