Sunday, May 25, 2008

What the Hell do I know?

Not much. I do know that I'm not like most other people and that has stood me up over the years. Now that I am reaching an old age, however, I see where I little more conformity might have come in handy. But, what the hell do I know? I have a few ideas. Your mortal soul for instance. People including science people have shown interest in the existence of this phenomenon even going to the trouble of weighing people on sophisticated scales right at the moment of death to determine the weight of the soul, while others have used the magic of photography to capture the essence of life waving goodbye as it wafts away from it's former host, now a useless shell. But wait! What about these dead people who come back to life?
People who have all the clinical signs of death, most often from immersion in cold water or sometimes purposely cooled down like those who have heart surgery. These people are technically dead, yet, when managed properly or else by a combination of very good luck suddenly fire up, and they are just fine. This kind of rubs against the soul thing because, if that ethereal bit of "self" actually did fly off to glory when the old body lay down, these lucky ducks who wake up after 17 hours of "death" should by all events be Zombies. Of course they are not. Far from it, in fact, for your average modern day Lazarus tends to declare that "God" has a little task for them and they are positive He will let them know real soon.

Now let me tell you a little something about God. There are exactly 1 zillion people on earth and you got to ask your self this: If God is in control of the whole banana, what is the use of Him bringing people back to life or allowing them to survive some terrible calamity when He might just as well put some people on the planet with the power and intellect to put things right? What I am saying is the people who "Know they have been saved for a special reason" are not given some Biblical task, such as moving a mountain or digging a hole to China. No, if they do anything, they are likely to get on the radio or TV and ask for money to do God's work. God's Work in this case would be making sure that the preacher has a fancy car. It would certainly do God a big favor were some TV minister to live in clean but modest circumstance, drive a 1993 van and distribute all the millions of dollars directly into a structured program to help the poor and homeless without being judgemental and forcing opinions on them in exchange for a bowl of soup. I think God would gain quite a bit of favor were that to happen. People might even believe in Him and as a favor He might save the planet. But what do I know?

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Ms. Moon said...

You know a lot. That's what.