Friday, January 18, 2008

How do they rise up?

More death has come to close our circle, cut in on our dance, send a player off the field; please take your choice. I wish these people I know, the ones who keep dying so soon and so sudden, were of royal linage. I mean where lies the sorrow in the oxymoron "The King is Dead!" "Long Live The King" There is none. It's a cry of security, a heraldic answer to the pleading cheer "We want another one just like the other one!" The Royal Line always scores. For the rest of us? Who the hell knows. Everyone has an idea. Some people are rabid on salvation to the point that their life is nothing but window dressing for death. Me? to tell the truth, I'm a bit nervous. I've been around lots of deaths and no one has ever tried to get away. Some have asked me please don't let them die, but they were mostly ones I could accommodate. What I mean is no one has screamed oh Lord, I see old death a commin please hide me, Ill do anything! No, they mostly either look up at the where the wall meets the ceiling or maybe call out for their momma and that's about it. The scary part is, I've run up on a ghost or two in my life and they were obviously unsettled spirits that were activated by heavy emotional upheaval. One in particular would parade from the middle or the bar of the H shaped Texino mansion and do this stomp drag noise ending in the bottom left hand of the upright H which was where my quarters were located. Fortunately the first time he or she made this move, I was in the upper left H so the spirit dragged and scrapped right by door giving my the chance to haul ass back the way it had come and escape down the middle spiral staircase raising the alarm in full cry. Nothing turned up and though I heard that noise in and out of my dreams over the next year or so we lived at Arch Hall it never came close or scared me again. Point is, it was there and it was moving right outside my door and my boisterous dog was lying on the floor with her ears flat and shivering in fear. So this sort of tells me that it is possible for supernatural events to take place in connection with dead people. I've seen others too and they are enough to make me know that I would like to die easy and more or less in my proper time and place.
I've posted a great deal on death lately. Mostly trying to ease the minds of people who probably don't need me because they have people and families to get together and properly wake their dead. Of course I don't mean get them up to dance, more like a get together to spread the pain around so no one has to carry too much. It's a classic way of turning sad into fond remembrance and it allows for a people to get back to work with not much more than a hangover which they would rather forget and with it a bit of the death is forgotten as well. Wakes are common places for boys and girls to hook up too. Nothing like romancing someone in aid of thumbing your nose at death. I don't get invited to wakes. I'm just Mr. Words

I know a song to bother death though. This is the call: All the little angels how do they rise up? rise up! rise up! rise up! how do they rise up so high?

The Response goes: With their hands they rise up! rise up! rise up! rise up! with their hands they rise up so high! Soldiers sing it on their way to fight and they add, wings, arms, knees, feet and even some rude parts to answer the question of "How do they rise up so high?" I don't think that song really scares anyone at the dark end of the street, but try singing it when you feel a bit down or you find that you've been left alone at a bad time. You can rise above a great deal.

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Ms. Moon said...

You are such a good writer. And you are welcome to come to the wake here tomorrow. You would be most welcome. Ibuprofen available for hangovers.