Sunday, January 13, 2008

My Best Friend

This is a pretty simple story. It's about a boy and his dog. I'm the boy. The dog's name is Cosmo. We have been together for a very long time. Long enough so that, as need be, I do dog stuff and he does people stuff. Mostly, of course, we take care of our own business. He's the nose, I'm the eyes, he's the ears, I drive and so on. Eight years ago Cosmo saved my life. He really did. I needed to go to the hospital but I did not want to because I knew what happened when 52 year old men showed up complaining of discomfort to the chest. They made them stay there while they plotted torture tests while the man would much rather just go home and cuddle with his family or in this case his dog, since the dog was his family. I have a wife and we have another dog who is very sweet, but Cosmo, well people said they had never seen a dog love someone quite so much as Cosmo seemed to love me. I could feel it too, so when I tried to get out of going to the ER and Cos just stared me down I knew he would not let up until I called 911. I was gone for a week or so getting heart surgery, but as soon as I got home Cos got on the bed and glued himself to my left leg and stayed right there till I was up and about. The bond grew to the point where I really could not leave Cosmo. He had developed Addison's Disease and if I tried to go away and board him there was a good chance he would have an attack. After two near fatal episodes, I could not afford the emotional or the financial cost, so if Cos couldn't go some place, Texino didn't go either. I figured I owed him. Then not long ago, 6-8 months maybe, I'd been through a series of unexplained falls. Things checked out with my heart and everything seemed to be ok fine. (wrong) Turned out I was having small seizures. This came to light as I found my self in the drivers seat with Cosmo nudging me out of a twilight state as I was about to crash into a large van. I barely missed out on a major crunch, went right to the doctor and walked out with a diagnosis of seizure disorder and early stage Parkinson's Disease. Oh lord! Well I got my old friend to help me get through it. Cosmo my friend. Joined in the heart, joined at the head. Hey look at the picture! That's us sharing a thought, hatching a plot or going for the complete Gothic presentation. Me and Cos. A great big poodle who loves to go; loves to announce when it's walk time; loves ice water; prefers drinking from a fountain or a hose. For dinner? Oh whatever you're eating will do just fine. Tossed Pasta with cheese, mmm-tasty!
Cosmo has a lot to say too! He wont go so far as to talk people words, you just have to listen up and use you imagination. What a good dog!

My best friend. Cosmo B. Topper's Noel. October 10, 1997-January 13, 2008


Ms. Moon said...

When we lose a human friend or loved one, there is always (in my experience) a mixed bag of grief-emotions. But when we lose a dog companion who has loved us as joyfully and fully and without any restraint as Cosmo loved you- the grief is purer than anything imaginable, just like Cosmo's love for you.
That sort of love doesn't disappear.
His light will always be with you. His love will too.
I honor Cosmo and I honor our grief for him.

miguel said...

Riposarsi nella pace, Cosmo.

downtown guy said...

Tommy, I'm so sorry to hear about your loss. Nothing can soften the blow of losing a true friend like that. I'll light a candle for y'all.

- Hank