Sunday, January 27, 2008

Racism is feeling just fine , so let's watch TV

Folks, just in case you had a small glittering thought slide past the bar-code reader in your head. An impulse of hope that had you think for the time it would take to burn toast that THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA was a not a place where every racist brick headed hate monger is comfortably ensconced in a sticky scum of like minded life support from the Good Old Boys. Well you can toss that dream out with whatever other comedy your mind dreamed up last night because Racism is OK plenty #1 fine right now and it will only get worse as we creep up to the elections of November. But wait! Racism is against the law and it ain't politically correct! Aren't we talking politics and law here? Well yes we are, but are also talking about a competition for the most powerful job on the planet and I fear that the people who have been so smug over the importance of being kind and understanding to all colors, genders and lifestyle choices are about to find out that their good works have only been tolerated in an master plan to set them up and knock them back a bit, about 100 years sounds right.

Think I'm Coo Coo? I wish, but lets check it out. It seems obvious that the Republicans are a kind of smash and grab gang. They get in, make a bunch of money on crooked deals, then the Democrats run them off. The trouble is, we are sort of running out of Democrats with both vision and personality. Now with four years of lame duck service by a president and his party who seem dying to give the White House away, instead of going out and finding an acceptable bright light, new wave honest person to lead the country, what do we do We put up a woman who nobody likes and We put up a African-American with a Black Muslim sounding name. Sorry, but those terms work to describe Senators Clinton and Obama to more than enough people to defeat either of them. I can imagine a bunch of evil old bourbon bastards raising a glass over that one.

I want a smart person with some good ideas to get this country back in gear and I don't care who that might be so long as he or she has got the faith of the people. Well, who does have the faith of the people? American Idol has the faith of the people. The nonsense of reality TV has their attention, while the reality is shaping up right outside their doors.

OK? You want TV? How about this one. A modern family of three. Mom and Dad are both smart and Sis is good at school. Well Dad has a real good job but he gets laid off so Mom goes out and gets a pretty fancy job herself and now here is the situation: The job that Dad lost has opened up again and guess who is applying? That's right! It's Mr. and Mrs. President! Starring The Clinton Family! Here's Bill! played by Bill Clinton, Hillary, his wife played by Sen. Hillary Clinton and of course the irrepressible Chelsea played by daughter Chelsea Clinton (who pretty much just slaps herself in the head and says "Here we go again")

How about a show for Senator Obama? Well I see a sort of "Roots meets The Cosby Show" It starts out with a black child running, being chased by other black and sold into slavery. Then he is in America and he is running from slavery and as he runs through time, different types of clothing come and go from his body and he runs faster and faster and his clothes are better until finally he steps into the chamber of the US Senate straightening his tie to the wild applause of the live audience. (who are trained to applaud anytime an actor walks on set or laugh or hiss, depending on who the character is.) I figure The Barac Obama Show could have some normal people from his family and friends who are all for his Presidency and these folks can be played off some stereotypical but quite realistic older Blacks-like a Chauffeur and a Cook for instance who may be looked down on by some off Obama's staff but end up giving the candidate sage advice as well as saving him from embarrassing situations.

Too bad there is a writer's strike. I think I could get someone elected. Huh?

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Ms. Moon said...

You are perfectly correct. And by the way, you are a writer.