Sunday, January 06, 2008

They deregulate airlines don't they?

Hi people and others. Sam Marley here. Recently, I've had Evel Knievel and Ike Turner both down here helping me shift a bunch of Absinthe through the portal. I hear that you can get the stuff shipped normal side these days, but the kind of people I deal with, well, they just like the romance of the smuggler plus the hi-tech of a time space portal. Little larceny in everyone.

Oh yeah. "If you want to be a junkie, remember Freddy's dead." That's a little piece of news from soul rocker Curtis Mayfield who popped through her the other day on his way to Rio. I was sort of hoping he would take Zombie Ike Turner with him, but no, Ike's not smooth enough for Mr. M. yet.

Hey look what I found! A whole bottle of Heroin produced by the folks who bring you Bayer Aspirin. I don't know if it's any good since it seems kind of old. Point is that if they can make the shit and stick it in these cool retro bottles, I'd say Govt. deregulation is the next step. You bought any stuff like methadone lately? Stuff is dirt cheap. I'd say Bayer could probably wholesale that bottle for a buck, buck-fifty tops and we could move it to Junkies for an easy ten. Yeah I know about Freddy, but he was getting his shit down in Compton someplace. People are going to do drugs, so why not let drug companies supply them? You may be asking yourself.. Why is a criminal like Sam Marley advocating this. Well, I may be a crook, but I'm not a villain, so if people can get good clean dope that won't put them out on the street doing crazy junkie stuff like stealing toasters and stuff, I'm for that. Plus I'm sure to make plenty of new friends both dead and alive, money too. It's what we call win win down here in the Fat Alley.

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