Saturday, January 19, 2008

Monkey Bears

Hello, Sam Marley here. I'm sorry but I had to send that screwy Texino to the showers. His latest thing is hearing his dead dog barking him up and so he goes out looking with the idea that maybe it is time for both of them to pal up on some other planet. I'm not too worried that Texino is gong to follow his old pal off the bridge or anything, my main concern lies with the heightened bear activity all over the place. Evidence the photo. WTF? Well that common black bear has gone right up a rather thin tree that someone has strung a rope from to another tree and placed a wild bird feeder between them.
Well if you think that bear is going to shinny out that rope and eat what ever is in that bird feeder, you win the cigar because that's just what he does despite the fact someones taking his picture and he sees them. Now that's no giant grizzly but he's no cub either and I have little doubt that should a distracted man come strolling through those woods calling a phantom dog, there would be very little to keep that acrobat from dropping on our hero and eating him right up. I don't want this to happen especially since Texino is very frightened of bears having been stalked by one once and the boy's had enough hard luck for the time being. So do mean a favor. You see Texico moping around tell him to keep his head up or he's history and going out in the middle of a sorry ass depression is not the way you want to be remembered unless you want to be forgotten.

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Ms. Moon said...

Come on, man! Yes! Keep your head up. There is still glory out there and it can be grabbed, albeit a sort of gentle glory.
I am sure of this.