Saturday, July 14, 2007

Upping the ante-bellum

Hi,  Texino here with a word on animal safety.  To help me illustrate some do's and don'ts, I have placed a picture up in the left hand corner and I want you to study it by closing your eyes and then opening them for a few seconds.  Now close them again quickly and think about what you saw.  I hope that you noticed that a bear has somehow insinuated itself into a group of guys who seem to be sharing a little quality time with a dog and a cat.  What's even more frightening is that the bruin is wearing a muzzle and the gent standing next to him is fixing to take it off.  What do you think might happen next?  Oh hell, I can't fool you. That's just some sort of allegory about former Negro Slaves testing their status as citizens of the United States of America.  That or else the guy in the foreground is fixing to get the nickname "Lefty."  Now now, I know that it's dangerous to talk about the group of people who are the descendants of those men in the picture.  Shouldn't be but it is, and that is leading us into a possible horrific situation come the next Presidential Election.  What I am about here is the fact that the Democratic Political Party is considering running a fellow for the office of President who although he seems to be eminently qualified and not the least bit of a criminal, or insane binge drinker is, and I'm not making this up, a "Nigger." Now Shut up!  I don't give a damn how terrible and hurtful that word may be.  It is how an "African American" is perceived by the men in power throughout a huge portion of the USA.  Now say; "Texino, you are a racist and full of shit." say "Those days are gone and blah blah"  Well, I'm terribly sorry but outside of maybe N. California, the country is run by an "Old Boy Network" who are steeped in the principal of keeping Black People down.  Why would they do that? It allows them to control the  ignorant white people, the salt of the earth who season them so they can remain palatable in the power structure.  Maybe you don't remember the real 60's.  There was very little love. (all that stuff came later in the 70s)  No the 60s were  time when the US Federal Government finally tried to free the slaves.  What did they get?  Well they broke down some  barriers but at a tremendous cost; A President, possibly The Next President and the greatest leader the Blacks had.  Do you think that those days are history?  They are not.
The South may have some leaders who are black, but the majority are still poor and still intimidated and tossed off as "an undisciplined minority with an unrealistic sense of entitlement."  The leaders who were sacrificed for the cause?  JFK? revisionists have gutted him, RFK? same same. MLK? A man who should be respected on par with Ghandi.  Hell, they can't even honor him suitably.  I'll wager that nutty old Ronald Reagan is more respected than Dr. King.  Why?  Because this country stinks of a system that is rotten beyond the core and  its people must awake to the fact of the matter and rip out the corruption and rebuild the whole concept.  As it stands now, too few have too much, but an uncomfortably large amount of idiots have enough and that doesn't bode well for a revolution or a Black President.  Someone would kill the poor man on the mistaken premise that he would reinstitute "The Reconstruction."
You may think that this little bit has just been an excuse to use the naughty "N" Word.  Well you are wrong.  It makes me tearfully sad that Mr. Obama can't be our president.  I know that's not the best way to put it, but I've just used a really bad word and I am not happy about it.  I'm keeping it in here thought because it is truly the way Senator Obama will be discussed in some mighty high and terribly influential precincts where words like "Heritage" and "Glorious Cause" are  oaths as binding as anything sworn to in the (now) not so secret societies that exist in the power factories of The Ivy League.   Damn, wasn't all this stuff  supposed to be cleaned up by a "Hard Rain"   Are we rolling Bob?   Little help

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