Saturday, July 28, 2007

Ms. Moon

Today is the birthday of my friend and loyal commenter "Ms. Moon" a grown woman in some respects,  yet immortal in others.  I'll talk about the others.
You see that picture of the mermaid?  Well the mermaid is an immortal and it is no accident that it is also Ms Moon's Totem, Tiki, Trademark or Familiar.  Take your choice for they all work the same in the light of The Goddess who has decided to shine on M.M.  No, she did not choose, she was chosen and being chosen does not necessarily guarantee you an easy swim.  No it does not promise that at all. 

 I picture M.M. as her Mer Maid, larking about under the sea in weightless abandon; flicking here floating there just inspecting a universe of pretty this and lovely that. It is what she does.  She also makes golden sprays  and spirals with a twirl of her finger, or with a wave of her hand, a rainbow wake trails her path and it settles  so slowly that you can trace it far back in time.  Far a way as one would go.
 A fair sight, but a dream that must end because, on the surface of the world, where it is drier only by degrees of humid air, people are floundering.  You see, babies have lost their small oceans and need help navigating the sudden shallows. Young people are trying to gain on the knowledge that is always a step away while older ones need to stop running and learn from what they have.  Someone has to be there. Not only there but deeper. Down into the ditch that runs in parallel to the life road; a dark place where you can only sense the need and reach blindly in hope that something worth saving will take your helping hand, even if that something reflects as your own eyes. 

 Yes, someone must be there to see that those struggles pass and through great fortune someone always is.

Not much rest for the immortal mermaid is there?  Good reason to hate a day that just keeps coming back.  You can take a break, but sooner or later they'll be at it again and again...
Honored to know you Ms. Moon.


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Ms. Moon said...

Oh, Texino. It's an honor to know you too. Thank you for the best birthday present ever.
Bless your heart and bless all our hearts for we are truly doing the best we can.