Thursday, July 19, 2007

Lets all or at least two Dance

OK! What's going on here?  Looks like some Cats, Chicks, Guys, Dolls, Sweet Poppas and Big Mammas, Brown Sugar and White Bread action is sweeping the Blog like a mighty wind.  Well, will the wind be so mighty as to lay low my bad attitude dude? No, it will not be quite so mighty as all that. Still these pictures are begging for comment gent, so let's jam it Janet.

Now in the opinion of this Texino, which is what matters, couple number one is the big winner, although "Mr Twister" might get to be Mr. Lucky providing he don't get skewed by those "points" the lady in the red skirt aiming his way.  You know whenever I see a woman done up in the manner of that foxy brunette  I got to wonder, #1 what she looks like all wet and #2 if those two are going to make out, it must be one of those situations where the lady has to go "slip into something more comfortable" if they are going to get serious.  I mean take couple #1.  Hell those two people could  be having some kind of sex right there, while couple #2, well it almost looks as though that guy is using his partner as a weapon in some bizarre martial art.  I even have a name for it, but I can't use it on the air because it's dirty.  You might be saying "the hell you say Texino-you talk dirty all the time!"  Well, that is true.  Still, I might need help from some women one day and in a scientific poll done by the folks at El mas excelente de la farmacologia (desde 1903!) just about 99% or more women really hate this word and would never use it unless, well you know how sometimes people might say something in the heat of a moment and then at some other time tell you how much they hate that word? Well if you do, then you know it would be impolitic to remind the person that they sure didn't have any trouble with some word and hollering out a bunch of nutty instructions while, well in the heat of a moment.  OK? Fine.  Still it does look to me like that Jack snatched that Jill from some very large holster and is fending off a couple of G-men and doing a fine job keeping them at bey.  For all that, one of those Feds could pull a heater and sort of "cut in" if you follow me.  Why do I feel those two acrobats in #2 are not just cutting the latest rug?  Look at those shoes
"suspenders" is sporting.  Heck, he's got crook written all over him.  That pic was shot back in '46 and I'd say that sport probably spent the war on the Left Bank, the old Reve Gauche.  I mean where else but France could a guy learn how to handle a woman like that.  Spain perhaps, but I think they were in the war. And France?  Well France was a bit short on men seeing that just about all of them were killed in the first war. Still another reason for that Jasper to be hanging lose in Gay Paris.  So the trophy does indeed belong with couple #1.  They are obviously having fun and the guy doesn't seem to care in the least that his date's got a few hundred lb on him.  You can bet it's a Saturday night too because back in those days all Black people ( at the time I don't think they actually had a name for themselves other than People) anyway those folks what happened to be black all had to work on Saturday.  That means Saturday night was the time to let it go.  It's right there in a zillion tunes written by and about colored people.  Not only is the Saturday night issue addressed , but more than a few tunes  address a fondness for Big Fat Women.  Can you imagine some white person making a song about such a thing? I can't and I can imagine just about anything that goes on in the world and figure out the reason it does.  Having that sort of imagination is not very pleasant and may explain why  I am often walking around with tears near.  So there.  I can have my Blog and show pictures off of people having fun and people who might think they are and still more people doing who knows what.  I heard a man from Harvard's University on the radio today and he was saying that when you read something that affects you in one way or another, you need to take a quick look at who says so.  What he was getting at was, is the writer an expert or someone with an agenda he or she needs to get out.  Now since I don't have an agenda then I guess you know where to come if you want the lowdown, dirty or otherwise.  What a joke that must seem until you realize I mean it.   


downtown guy said...

Well, there was Fat Bottom Girls by Queen, but I don't think that Freddie was actually particularly interested in the big gals. His band may have been.

texino said...

Yeah you are right. Also, Spinal Tap did that song "Big Bottom" The one where everybody plays a bass. Spinal
Tap and Queen? Well, I'm not sure where those fellows ended up, excepting Freddie, who died, and we can't really say where he is either (the ether?) (I know that Spinal Tap is/was a faux band but they still have to end up) Thanks for reading my stuff, I need to see what you are up to as well. Your stuff has been scary good in the past. Got to see where you are today. TT

downtown guy said...

I'm damn glad mom sent me the link to your blog. She brags on your constantly, and she's no liar.

Ms. Moon said...

Bill Wharton (who is undeniably white) wrote a tune called "Great Big Fanny". So- just saying.
Yeah, Texino- you never cease to amuse and amaze.