Thursday, July 12, 2007

You're special. I'm different

Yes, that's right, I am different from you. I have been a cook, a car parker, a motorcycle gangster, soldier,mental patient, a widower, musician, fireman, coxswain, sea captain, fisherman, drug dealer, palm tree surgeon, poet, magazine columnist and ambulance driver. I have been bad, good, sick, well and I quit smoking.  You can read all about it, and more too.  That is, if I write  book.  I probably wont get around to it, so I may as well put up some parts of my story here.  Will they be damned lies?  Well yes and no.  (WTF you mean "yes and no" Texino?)  Well I mean my stories are true, but you can't know that   No, you'll just have to believe what I say or just read for the enjoyment of seeing someone admit to some major fuck ups.  OK? Fine, but first look at that chart.  It's a chart that shows how to play chords on the Hawaiian Ukulele.  You can put those shapes together in a cyclic progression and sing a well known song.  It seems the better known pieces use the fewest and more simplistic positions while a grand tune which may be familiar to you but not the sort of ditty you sing round the camp fire will necessitate the use of the more complex shapes and more of them played closer together.  That's an analogy I use for writing words for stories.  You got to keep it simple enough to be enjoyable but if you don't toss in a few complex thoughts, you will lose the readers you want.  Now that could be explained by using an analogy of fishing for the tastier types in the sea.  I guess everything is analogous.  It's like those chords. Each note relates to the other in some way some are pleasant and harmonious while others are complex and hard to take.  It's kind of like fish, some taste better than others and so on.  I'll be seeing you.

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