Friday, July 20, 2007

Comp -101 (as in negative)

 I  have to write and I tend to let an idea go where it leads me, rather than track its source and build a solid piece from there. (the proper method)   Chasing something that way can cause you to stumble into all sorts of ambuscade but, if you are able to write your way out of a trap at the same pace you wrote yourself in to it, therein lies a certain groove that feels good.   Basically I am saying modify your subject on the fly if you have to, but see if you can end up in tune with the idea that first got your attention. It is a risky but jazzy style of creative writing.  When it works it's cool and when it doesn't?  Well you lose the power and dimension of the whole thing and it will read like the over dub of a Godzilla film.  You may have noticed.


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