Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Little Deaths

Yes, that's a Zombie.  His name is Andrew Wythe Obi and he lives in the Texino Compound in the Jungle portion of Panama.  Andrew was dead but he was reanimated by secret jungle Ju Ju and other stuff you wouldn't understand because, if you did, you would probably have  one or two Zombies of your own.
Anyway Andrew is just here to illustrate one aftermath of big death.  I want to talk about little deaths and how can sort of zombie your way around them.
OK.  Lets start with your head. (I bet you wish I'd get those eyes off the page)
Anyway your eyes are subject to small death and if you are over forty years of age, your eyes are probably dead enough that you have zombified them with some sort of seeing device.  I use eye glasses my self.  Your innate desire for drum music (we all have it) has more than likely been killing off your ears.  My advice  is do not succumb to the hearing aid device.  No, instead you may have to learn some hearing Ju Ju.  I say check with a harmless Yogi or one of those less is more doctors.  While most of what they say is BS, they may put you in enough of a Ju Ju state where you will keep your ears longer.  You may pray to the Saint Babalu Aye for help as well.  Just stay away from the hearing aid folks.  They are criminals with absolutely no Zombie points in their empty Karmic carpet bags.  Ok, now is your hair.  If it's color is becoming drab, you may paint it or, if you got a tad of Ju Ju in your bag just think it back to life.  That's what I do.  I may be white in my beard but that's a wisdom thing, my head hair is really still pretty dark and certainly baffles hair professionals who don't follow the Ju Ju way.  Skin death.  Boy that's hard to fight but if you have  decent hide, you should be able to keep it going, just lay off the soap unless you got some soap magic going.  Now many people are bothered by these small deaths of the mind.  All I can say there is that your brain is very big and certainly large enough for several full personalities to hold sway.  So if you start to loose a  bit of sense or talent you can try to borrow from one of your resting personalities.  These folks can be extremely nice and generous but getting their attention is difficult for most people who do not subscribe to heavy Voo doo and Sanataria.  All I can safely suggest is to try to dream yourself into a better state of mind and hope that your waking body can cop some lost talents from the alter personalities who people your dream scape.  It's possible to do this just don't expect too much at once and for God sake keep it to your self.  Speaking of God, I think it is best to think of that whole ideal as a kind of portal where you can get your mind in a state of readiness to hook up with this other stuff I'm on about.  I hope you get that, so you don't go wasting time doing the Jesus wave and all that Christian BS that's so big with the politicians right now.  You may notice that these fundamentalist are losing ground big time.  They are just a bunch of whacked out white people and should be deeply discounted at every opportunity.  Well there you have a start on Texino's dealings with the little deaths that can plague you into bigger trouble.  I'm not saying that this stuff will make you a success, but it may keep you vital longer and allow you to enjoy what you may be lucky enough to have going for you, like family, money, friends or a home. That stuff can be of true and lasting value to you and yours, and it is not some bogus code word like "Family Values" which translates to fat white people getting away with all manner of activity of no real value what so ever.  Me?  Well I just put the stuff out for your benefit.  I'll be lucky to end up like Andrew just sitting on a bench undead but not truly alive. Someone gives those Zombies simple work.  They do it and then go sit down.  Zombies will last a good long time if you maintain them.  Those ones you see depicted in films mostly work for Greek freight forwarders and those Greeks just don't keep their shit in order.  That's where you get your idea of Zombies in torn clothes and all stinking rotten.  It is just a matter of maintaining things like you would any sort of fleet.  My Z's hang out forever and aside from that thing with the eyes and a very limited vocal skills, they are no bother.  If you ever decide to do the Zombie thing, remember these people add a new meaning to the term dead or alive, so it's best you keep them from some place where they might run in to family or friends.  I mean, you want Zombies in Delaware, get them in Cape Verde or some place like that.  It's the way it's done and you don't mess with success.   OK? Fine.

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Ms. Moon said...

Can't deal with the eyes, Tex. Sorry. Can you make them wear sunglasses?
Keep writing.