Sunday, September 14, 2008

Edditing out hallucinations

I have a feature due tomorrow. I sent it in Friday. The Editor says she has it and is sure it will be fine, but she has not cleared it yet. I know she is very busy and she rarely messes with my stuff. Still, I want to hear that it's good or acceptable and not have to rewrite it tomorrow. I guess that's what happens when you are a low rent journalist. I probably should have started pushing my work earlier because I was a better writer before I started having seizures and taking brain altering drugs for PD. Here is an example. If I am tired and have been reading, I can put the book down and close my eyes and then my brain will start hallucinating a review of the book. This would be OK except the review seldom draws a parallel to what the book is about. For instance, I may be reading about adventures at sea. I put the book down and close my eyes and suddenly my inner voice will start in with something like: "This is a high pressure shot of realism dealing directly with the cutting edge of modern nursing." Or; "Aircraft service at this level is requires an engineering degree as well as the math skills of a leader in the field of optics." and on ad nauseaum until I take some sort of pill or just beat it out of my head by thinking about giant diesel engines. I guess these spells can be a lot worse. I just wonder where they come from. Like, my editor got her eyebrow pierced. I saw it in a picture. We have never met. I wrote and asked her if it represented a hinge and could she open her face? Boy did she get pissed off.
It was just like that movie Annie Hall. Woody Allen does all these things that Diane Keaton thinks are funny. The he tries them on other women and they don't get it. I think I used that open the face gag before some place and it must have worked. It's too bad because I sort of have a crush on my editor, but that's a blown deal now. Oh well, on the other hand I could have just hallucinated the whole issue that it was funny. See what I mean? You got to be careful. Especialy right now because my partner and care giver has decided to take a tour of the great American West and I don't know when she will be back. Being alone in this condition can be a little nerve wracking. I might write here and say whats up but I have the feeling Im not getting read much these days. At's OK. I have to write wheter it gets read or not. It's just the way it is.

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