Thursday, September 04, 2008

They're Back

Yes we have seen these angels before. They have been around this year, hanging out while good people fought to live but did not and, faithful animals were given over because you can do that. I can't say the angels have been much comfort. They just float there in black with their hands welded in the prayer position. I've seen those angels on the old tombs of our fervent forefathers who, running from one religion for another, more of less fierce, would place the angel duet to guard their crumbling bones from Ascension into the wrong Heaven. What an embarrassment to die a strict member of the Society of Friends and wake to the Bar-B-Q howdy of the Southern Baptist. So yeah sticking those angels on your stone makes sense to a certain segment. But not to me and not right now. Here is why. Over the weekend My friend Karen was at the market selling her shirts. She made beautiful shirts. I have some and I wore them all the time when I played music out. My favorite was a green one with Geckos on it. Well, Karen took a pain in her back so she went and got a massage from the massage person at the market. Then she went and sat in her chair. She never got up. Someone realized something was wrong and an ambulance came along and resuscitated her, but she was gone from the standpoint of having brain function.
Life support was discontinued and that was the end. Now those little angels rise up in my mind.
And Karen Donley? A wonderful tailor, mother, wife, friend, artist and all the extra credit those things attract. She left town on a holiday weekend. Oh I hate those times. Tooth ache; car trouble; the need for a doctor or legal council. Holiday weekend will get you every time. I'm going to look for Karen in my dreams. I often run accross departed folks in that ever changing scape and since and am more cross than grieving at the moment I may pick up some information. If not, Ill just be content with the feeling that if there is a place to end up after death I am likely to land in Karen's neighborhood. I'll know by the shirts.

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