Saturday, September 27, 2008

Honest Injun

Sometimes I wish I could just say fuck this honesty crap and just sleaze down the road like a lot of other people do. Like today, for instance, I was fixing a computer
and I made a mistake. Then I made another mistake and fried the mother board.
Now this machine wasn't working when I took it in, so I could just tell the guy the board was shot, but no. Instead, I'm giving him the computer that I use for my studio because it's the same type only newer and a brand new one would not run some of the software he uses. I don't really feel good about this, it is just a thing I have to do. Wouldn't occur to me to do anything else. It's important to me that my clients feel that they can count on me. Got to stay true. You don't see very much of that in today's environment. What I mean is with the electioneering going on, it's like "It's OK to lie right now while I claw my way to the top, but after wards, I'll be OK and straight with you all. Honey, I don't buy it. You got to be crazy to want to be president. Obama, a born again visionary; McCain crazy old fucker who thinks he should grow up to be president. I used to sit on top of a bunker in Vietnam watching those jets heading north to bomb Hanoi. They were just flying up there and dropping bombs on the damn city and pissing people off. McCain is lucky the Dinks didn't chop his head off. I mean how would you feel if Florida and Georgia were arguing over some land and China started dropping bombs on Atlanta or Orlando.
They would most likely do Atlanta because they like Mickey Mouse too much. People don't know Jack aboout Vietnam either. Take Jane Fonda. She goes to Hanoi and has her picture taken. OK? Well every place she goes it's like some Anti-Aircraft installation, plus she went to see the prisoners, like McCain at the "Hanoi Hilton" which at the time the US did not know where it was. Now a bunch of dipsticks can call her a traitor, but I call it pretty good intel. People just don't use their brains very much. Not that I do such a great job myself, but I am always thinking and I love my friends very much, including the ones who are cross with me.
I'll be 61 on tuesday. I have given over celebrating. I had hoped that my friends might have noticed my turning 60 but I am too far out of the personal loop for that I guess. Looking back on the year it's funny. Last year at this time I was really full of hope musically. I was getting a new mandolin and had big plans for recording. Then right about now, I was Dx with Parkinson's plus Partial seizures. I started of medication that just flushed all the spontaneity from my life, I did not get the mandolin for six more months and then unfortunate issues came up which I did not handle well, and now the instrument has been put away for good. Recently, the doctors decided that maybe the reason I was laying up so much was because my heart was only beating around 40 times a minute. They want to put a pacemaker in me. I asked for a change in medicine and got it. Now, after two days on the new pill, I feel like I could lift a small motor car and today I spent the entire day on the go without lying in bed at all. That is a big deal. It would be a great deal if I hadn't of fried that circuit board. I guess I'm OK. Sure feel better than I did when I was taking that other pill. Possibly my head's getting more oxygen now that the heart is beating normally. Hell, if I don't die of old age, I might actully do something worthy. Watch this space.

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myuglyface said...

Happy belated birthdate. I was so busy concentrating on mine as it began it's approach from the horizon that I overlooked yours.