Saturday, September 13, 2008

Happy Birthday Amy!

Hi, I am Texino and this is Amy. Even though Amy looks sort of feral, she is, in fact, a recording star. The reason Amy looks so mad in this picture may have to do with her showing up two hours late to perform at her local pub. The place had been packed, but people got tired of waiting and a bunch went home. Well Amy's mad cause they didn't hang around, even though she was two hours late and evidently too drunk to sing . Hmmm. I think someone has some reality based issues. A sad situation to develop on a person who is just 25 years old. Says on the internet that Drs have informed Ms. Winehouse (Amy) that if she doesn't stop smoking, drinking and doing the hootchie-coo, she will die. I wonder if she is taking these warnings to heart? I have heard some music by Amy Winehouse and she has talent. Talent should not be so scary as to do this to a person. I used to smoke and drink too much, so I just stopped. My Talent level stayed up and I didn't feel badly. Thing is, I don't think people really cared so much what I did, while Amy W has a lot of fans. Id hate it to be turning into one of those scenes where folks says how come a bubble head like Texino keeps hanging in there while talented Amy Winehouse passes on. But check it out, I saw a picture of Amy earlier in the evening of the same scene and she seemed like she could not walk and her eye makeup was all scaballated. Now look into her eyes. Beside the obvious fact that she is the love child of Beatle George Harrison and Rolling Stone Mick Jagger, those are not the eyes of a drunken coked out party person. Believe me, I have seen those bad eyes plenty of times looking back at me in the mirror. That girl has her mind on something, be it world domination or the last
nacho, it is hard to tell from this angle. I hope she can hang in long enough to make for an interesting story though. I believe that today it is her Birthday. (25) So now I have Amy Winehouse and "The Box" to keep tabs on. Right now "The Box" is in Ireland. (still full of whiskey) Don't worry I'll keep you informed. It's my trade.

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