Friday, September 19, 2008

Funny thing about that email.

You may have read that those tricksters at Anonymous, whom I have absolutely nothing to do with, have hacked into Gov. Palin's email. Mrs. Palin of course is the Republican Party's surprise candidate for Vice President. My friend Trapper Stetson says Palin is analogous to an orgasm in that, at the moment, everything seems brilliant and wonderful, but then things fall back into perspective rather quickly. At's a pretty good analogy I guess and, what with Trap being a bit of a sex maniac, it makes all the more sense. Personally, I am damn sick of this election and by proxy being dragged into the lowest depths of humanity by smug fat necks because I have kept with my liberal philosopy. To put it politely, fuck those motherfuckers.

Oh the email. Well, I was looking at the list of Gov. Palin's messages and I noticed that every single one seemed to be a sort of letter. How odd is that? These days it is pretty damn difficult to maintain a personal account without receving the odd invitation to earn a million in someone's get rich program or surprise this surpised looking woman with a "bigger penis". On that note I'd like to say that the surprised penis woman looks a lot like my daughter. I don't know if you have gotten this ad, but it shows a clean cut blonde woman in her 30s looking at you as if she had just seen something unexpected but not really scary but maybe a little unerving. I guess since the caption to the add says "Suprise her with a bigger penis!" the look is supposed to convey "Where did you get that big penis?" and "You gonna try to put it in me!!?" "I am not too sure!" Actually, to me it's the sort of look my daughter would get if you gave her a Harley Davidson or a washing machine that ran on atomic power. She wouldn't like it. It's really too bad we don't get along, as I'd love to ask her opinion. Anyway, Mrs. Palin has no spam at all which tells me that her Yahoo account was probably pretty new. This also suggest Palin herself is not that old. Perhaps she is a clone of Ted Nugent and Church Lady. You got to remember, lot of weird stuff goes on up in Alaska. (You might keep this in mind, Clones don't get spammed.)

Well that's it for me and Mrs. P's email. As far as the election, I'm glad that you don't have to tell who you vote for. I've been having some fun (my kind) with canvasers. They come to my house and since Mrs. T. is no longer here, they get me. McCain people: I ask them if Palin is his wife. They say she's the VP. I say, what's that? They explain. I say, hogwash a gal can't be president, it says so in the Constitution and the Bible! The leave. Obama folks: I ask what part of Alabama is he from? They say Obama is his name. I say, that sounds like one of them silly names colored guys make up in prison. They get nervous. I say he looks just like Joe Bidden. They say that is Bidden and this is Obama. I say, but he is a colored guy! They get mad. It's a complex issue here in the south. Black people have an important culture, but it is not particularly high tone. When someone gets to be like Sen. Obama, he or she is no longer black. If you want a real black person for president get B.B. King. I'm not saying he would be the best choice, but he is an actual American Negro where Obama is an actual African/American. I want to see the poverty cycle broken for blacks in the south, but I don't want their magic and soul to be absorbed. I guess I am a racist in that I recognize the difference and respect the sub culture that has given us more that we will ever admit. I have said this before and it's true; I have to live near moving water and black folks they give me stuff that lets me see a long way. I don't think Alaska has much nor does Arizona.

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