Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Oh man, those Arabs!

Now I like hot and dry weather and fresh orange juice as much as the next guy, and a flowing robe with a trick burnoose is more than likely a comfortable garment to wear, while scooting around the desert or lurking in the twisted shadows of a midnight oasis, however; this time those wacky Arabs are pushing my buttons to the point where I want to don my T. E. Lawrence Motor Goggles and invite Ms. Winehouse to a pub crawl in Riyadh. Here is why. One of those pesky Saudi Clerics has put a contract out on Mickey Mouse. (That's Mickey over there) You got it. He put the word on Tom and Jerry too. Not the cartoon hobos who Simon and Garfunkle took their original name from, but the Cat Mouse who are always messing with one another. Actually, I believe this cleric thinks T&J are two mice.
The point behind this, and there is one of course, and of course it has to do with fundamental religion is this: Mice, both live and in pictures are soldiers of Satan. They are unclean and should be killed. According to the holy book of Mus or whatever the Muslim people read (The Koran) "If you have solid food and a mouse gets on it, get rid of the part that the mouse was on-kill the mouse." "If you have liquid food, like soup, and a mouse falls into it, toss it out-kill the mouse." OK fine. Now, what does this have to do with the world's most famous mouse? Well, children love him and because of that, Satan is very happy. Get it? Now, I'm certain this Cleric would really like to burn the eyes out and cut the hands off any child caught wearing mouse ears under his headdress or her garment bag (Arab woman's dress) but the world is not exactly full of real Arabs and they can't afford the wholesale slaughter of their next generation. Ergo, the mouse goes. Thing is, The Mick is pretty well off. In fact if you were to take the Mouse money and hook it up with the McDuck fortune, you could probably put a mortgage on the House of Saudi. I mean go ahead and burn all the flags you want, we can get more from the great flag houses of China, but don't for one minute start messing with the leader of the club. Know what I'm saying? Your kids can't tell the difference between a plague rat and a cartoon character? Time to get out of the sun my man. I like everyone to the point of giving him or her an even break, but this destructive stone age philosophy has got to go before someone gets pissed off enough to push a button and doom the day. Should that happen all the mice, rats and other unclean things you postulate will truly be something to fear. Take that Johnny Arab!

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