Monday, September 22, 2008

My Man Wisdom Paradise

Yes indeed, that's Wisdom right there.  He's down in Fort Lauderdale directing light workers in a battle against the fear based storms set upon us by the "Dark Side." (Hurricanes)  What Wisdom suggests is that you surround these storms of fear and sweep them with your golden brooms into the Gulf of Mexico.  Once there, you should concentrate on dumping tons of ice into the center of the storm to calm it down.  Even though Hurricanes have been beating the crap out of the Caribbean and various Gulf coastal areas so far this season, Mr. Paradise claims it would be a lot worse were it not for his love based tactics.  What a croon.  Oh yeah, before I forget.  Wisdom Paradise loves you.  How much?  Enough to let you in on this secret advance fee loan scheme he has going.  Here's the deal.   Wisdom's higher self created this thing called the Aloha Success Club, a little investment deal that he guarantee's will pay off by year's end at a rate of 50:1. The minimum "loan" is $500 and the max is $10,000.  Wisdom says since the "loan" is already made you have no risk.  Of course this scam is used a lot. It's called the Prime Bank or HYIP scam and the people say that there are special prime bank loans available where big banks can loan money at shot term for high gain.  It sounds plausible but with big banks failing all over the place it is obvious BS.  Anyway, the scammer either says he is or knows one of the very few people who can make these loans and if he can raise some cash he can slip it in and let some regular folks get in on the deal.  Of course the "loan" never funds. and the scammer keeps coming up with reasons why it will be any day until people just get disgusted or have him arrested.  Actually these doesn't happen too often because these scams tend to be put off on people who are fanatic in their beliefs like churches or new age cults.  Point of fact, there are thousands of people who lost money in something called the Omega Fund and even though it's leader was arrested and confessed to the whole thing being a swindle and is currently in Federal Prison people believe the the Government is holding their Omega Packages which will be delivered any day and that even though they donated several hundred dollars in cash wrapped in tin foil, the current belief is this "prosperity fund" will be paying millions it not a billion dollars per person!  It was though studying this sort of thing on the web for the last few years that I came to the conclusion that the financial system was truly out of control and pulled my money from traditional investments.  I didn't have much mind you, but I would have had nothing.  At least I have some valuable  instruments and a bit of Jewellery. 

Back to Wisdom Paradise.  There is no way his Aloha Club can fund at 50:1  I'll be watching his site and let you know what he has to say.  Did I mention that Wisdom is immortal?   Wah Hay!

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P Charlick said...

I have a ton of email letters going back to 1998, when this man started his Bank Debenture scam. Sadly in those days I was rather innocent and dropped a couple of thousand into this persons wallet. He still emails in 2010 still making promises and still asking for money to pay his rent. How are people like this allowed to continue to operate, is no authority anywhere interested in stopping him. I keep my emails in hope that one day they will come in handy as evidence.